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The ultimate guide to replacing your smartphone battery

Is the battery of your smartphone exhausted in a few hours? If you reach for the charger several times a day, it may be time to replace the battery. Even after the days of the change batteries there are still many possibilities. In this guide we will show you how and how much it costs to install a new battery in your phone.

If you've owned your smartphone for more than two years, you may have noticed that battery life is not the same. The life of a battery is usually defined by the duration of the charging cycles. A charge cycle is a period in which the entire capacity of the battery is used. Then the battery is fully charged again (companies like Apple define a consumption of 50 percent, then recharge it fully and then consume 50 percent again). After 500 charging cycles, the performance of most lithium-ion batteries will decrease, no matter how you use the device. This is one of the main reasons why you should replace the battery of a mobile phone on an aging device.

Common signs that you need to replace your smartphone battery

  Google Pixel 3 battery details

Of course, the most obvious sign that you may need to replace a cell phone battery will drastically shorten battery life , If your phone barely exceeds the 10-hour mark and you do not do too intense actions like streaming or gaming, consider replacing it.

Random shutdowns are also a common symptom. If your smartphone turns off at 30 or 50 percent, the condition of your battery may have deteriorated significantly. Boat loops are also a common sign. If you have an older smartphone that is constantly restarted after reaching a certain battery threshold, it is usually due to an aging lithium-ion battery.

The easiest way to identify the cause of the problem is the occurrence of the problem. If you have a newer device and run a boot loop after updating or closing apps, there is most likely a software issue.


If your case is not that extreme, you may still want to check the condition of your battery. We recommend the use of AccuBattery. It compares the design capacity of your battery with the estimated power capacity and shows you how much overtime has been lost. Just charge your phone after you've installed it and the app will do the rest.

AccuBattery also offers many more features, such as: These include measuring the charging speed, consuming power apps, the life of your device in standby mode, and much more. If the capacity results are not large, it may be time to replace the battery. The good news is that you can do this even if you own a smartphone with a non-replaceable battery.

How to replace your smartphone battery

The times when the battery can be easily replaced are usually over.

Replacing Your Smartphone Battery Was Previously As Easy As Turning Off The Phone, Removing The Old Battery And Inserting The New Battery. If your smartphone is still equipped with a replaceable battery, you just have to do that.

Most current Android smartphones come with non-replaceable batteries, making the task harder. It is by no means impossible, but also no trifle.

If you want to select the Handyman Route, you must disassemble your smartphone and remove the screen and other parts before getting to the battery. Since most parts are glued together, you would also need to remove the glue and reapply. Do not try this if you do not have the right tools. You will need a suction grip, a tool with a flat opening, tweezers, a hot air gun for melting adhesive and a screwdriver. Replacement adhesive is also a must.

Do not just use tools lying around in your house – they can damage your phone.

(iFixit) Replacing a battery requires a little more work than before

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy an official battery from an OEM. Therefore, we recommend that you establish yourself with proven battery dealers with good ratings for repair kits and batteries such as iFixit. Visit their website for detailed instructions on replacing batteries.

If you already have the tools you need and found the tutorial for your smartphone model, it's important that your battery pack is under 25 percent. Charged lithium-ion batteries can catch fire or explode if the hole is accidental. If the battery is swollen when you open the device, do not continue with the replacement, especially if you are inexperienced. Instead, take the phone to an authorized repair shop.

Even if this is not the case, you have to be careful. Take for example the Samsung Galaxy S7. Battery replacement can be very difficult due to a lot of glue that needs to be reapplied. You must also disconnect and reconnect the speaker assembly. If you are not careful, you may need to disconnect the phone again to reconnect. For other phones, you will need to separate more parts. Replacing DIY batteries usually eliminates the need for water resistance.

If you feel you have no patience or skill, it's best to bring your smartphone to an authorized service center or send it by mail. For most manufacturers, changing the battery costs less than $ 100 from the warranty, and the process takes about five to seven business days, when you send an email with your cell phone nearest authorized service center or give instructions on how to use your device for one Battery replacement:




  • You need to email or chat live with the HTC Contact support who can then redirect you to authorized centers or assist you in mailing your phone. You can do this here. Motorola



    [19659025] Come in and make an appointment in an Apple Store.

  • Mail in.

When is the battery change not worth it?

If you are connected to your smartphone and just do not like current devices It makes sense to try to extend its life, but it may depend on whether a battery change makes sense. If you have an older flagship that you want to keep using for a while, this can be a good investment. If you have a lower-priced device, price and effort can outweigh the benefits. Most battery exchanges at authorized service centers are relatively cheap, but also new cheap phones with updated specifications and software.

For example, the Moto G-Play costs only $ 199. For this reason, for some it is better and more convenient to just buy a new smartphone, but in the end it depends on your personal preferences.

Replacing mobile phones is not nearly as easy as it used to be. But hopefully you know now that your expensive flagship is still hopeful even after years.

How do you rate smartphone batteries today? Have you ever tried a DIY battery change? Share your experience with us in the commentary

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