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The unlimited plan of cricket is still the best blast for your money – Review Geek

  Cricket Wireless - Unlimited Data Plan
Cricket Wireless

Around the middle of last year, we published some articles about the best phone plans for families and individual lines. Cricket has topped both lists and today it is probably the best unlimited plan you can get.

Cool, why are we talking about it again, when nothing has really changed? Because I recently switched to Cricket Unlimited and I want to tell you: I wish I had done that years ago. Age .

Here is the scenario. In December, I was away from home for two weeks to visit the family in Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia. A lot of driving, a lot of hotel time. The hotel Wi-Fi was shitty, so I quickly approached my 8GB data limit for cricket.

Then it hit me: I would travel to Vegas in early January for the CES, where I no doubt much more data. At the time, I had two choices: add more data as needed, one gigabyte ($ 1

0 per popup), or change my plan.

But here's the thing: I have four lines in my cricket plan and was scheduled to be included in an old price list. Even a change would have nullified this pricing and increased my bill by $ 30, in addition to increasing the plan itself.

Then I remembered Crick's Killer Pricing for his unlimited plan: only $ 100 for four lines. That was less than I paid back then, but I was worried because this plan limits the speed to 3 Mbps (unlike Crillet's usual 8 Mbps limit). Can you really really survive with only 3 Mbps?

  Cricket Unlimted data package
The fine impression presented at single-line prices.

I had no choice, so I took the step and hoped for the best. I wish I had done it a long time ago.

Are 3 Mbps really enough? (Spoiler: Yes)

That's the question, right? Can you survive with such "slow" speeds? That was the biggest thing I wanted to know, and it was particularly daunting to know that if I later tried to resort to my old plan, I would pay more for the same money (who wants that?). 19659005] But here I am almost two months later, wishing I had done that much sooner. Here's the most important thing: I have not noticed a noticeable difference in my service. Maybe loading some Instagram videos takes a bit longer? Or maybe I just take care of it now. Hard to say!

And that's really the snack. If I am not sure if there is a difference, then there is no difference (even if is really ). But most of the time, I do not think about it or do not feel it. Facebook loads well. Streaming music has not changed. Google Maps will load as usual. All the things that I did on my mobile were perfectly fine on Cricket's 3Mbps Unlimited plan.

3Mbps may have been slower on paper, but in practice I never had the feeling of switching from the full-speed plan to the throttled unlimited plan.

Of course, cricket also has provisions in place to optimize the experience for you and relieve the network. For example, the entire video in SD quality – that is 480p – limited, which is fine on the phone. As much as I looked at YouTube on my phone, I'm not sure I could ever tell you what resolution the videos were in, no matter what network I'm on. 480p is fine on a relatively small screen.

There is also a risk that you will be throttled if you use a lot of data. Cricket "can temporarily slow down data traffic when the network is congested" if you use more than 22 GB, which is likely to apply to a very small subset of users. To put this kind of data usage into perspective, 22GB of data is about 92 hours of standard definition YouTube video. They would have to watch streaming videos for almost four days, using only mobile data to push the limit of the unlimited plan.

This is a great plan for most people . Most data-hungry users who do not spend their time on reliable Wi-Fi will probably not love the 3Mbps connection, but for everyone else – I say, go ahead. You are probably saving money without sacrificing performance.

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