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The WaveBird flies again – Review Geek


  • 1 – Absolute hot garbage
  • 2 – Sorta lukewarm garbage
  • 3 – Heavily defective design
  • 4 – Some advantages, many disadvantages
  • 5 – Acceptable imperfectly
  • 6 – Good enough to to buy in the trade
  • 7 – Great, but not best in class
  • 8 – Fantastic, with some footnotes
  • 9 – Shut up and take my money [19659004] 10 – Absolut Design Nirvana

Price: $ 49.99

Here's what we like

  • An almost perfect GameCube replica
  • Additional buttons for modern games
  • Simple, stable mating
  • $ 50 Price tag is appropriate

And What we do not do

  • No vibration is a big problem
  • No rechargeable batteries
  • Layout may be difficult for some new games

In 2002, Nintendo released the WaveBird controller for the GameCube. It was the first really great wireless controller: functionally identical to the standard pad (without vibration), with super fast performance and long battery life. Now you can experience the joy of this switch again.

Since then, every major home console from Nintendo and its competitors has integrated the built-in wireless controller feature. It's now standard: Wired Pads are becoming bargain hunters and some models for die-hard purists who are afraid of one or two milliseconds of wireless latency.

So it's weird that with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate For the Switch, which hits the market in a few days, and Smash fans who are desperate for the well-known, With a comfortable GameCube controller layout, Nintendo has not developed WaveBird controllers for over fifteen years.

You can play Smash with a wired GameCube controller – in fact you could work more or less continuously during this time – but if you want this experience without wires, you'll need to find an ancient WaveBird. And it's not good for you if you want to play other Switch games on it.

 Nintendo, Powera, Switch, Nintendo Switch, Gamecube, Gamecube Controller, Smash, Smash-Bros, ] PowerA, maker of mobile MOGA controllers and various other gaming accessories, will fill this gap. The company's new Wireless GameCube Controller has a classic layout that Smash players want, the Bluetooth connection, and the extra buttons the switch needs. It also has a second "Z" key (referred to as L1 in conventional layouts) and a "clickable" thumb and C-Stick that cover all the control inputs of the switch's Joy-Con and Pro controllers. The WaveBird comes alive again and works well with all other Switch games.

In tense anticipation of Smash Bros. Ultimate I bought the PowerA controller from GameStop. You may need to do something similar: it's online, and Scalper offer it to ridiculous mark-ups over the $ 50 selling price. (Seriously, Amazon is currently a 1-2-month backlog.) Nintendo? There is a market for this thing!

A True Recovery

The PowerA controller makes the GameCube layout almost accurate. This is not the typical third-party imitation that the multi-year "Little Brother Controller" bought because it was half the price of the Nintendo option. You could tell me that this was an official Nintendo product and I would be willing to believe it.

GameCube's distinctive A-focused primary cluster, bulbous and stiff C-sticks, and convenient L and R keys are present and billed. The shape and feel of the controller fit exactly to the original GameCube pad: The colors (black, purple, WaveBird gray and gold and silver GameStop exclusive) correspond to the designs of the original console.

 nintendo, powera, switch, Nintendo Switch, Gamecube, Gamecube Controller, Smash, Smash-Bros,

The only obvious difference is that this revived version instead of a single start button +, -, Home and "Capture" contains, you can better navigate in the main menu of the console. There are also a few amenities. The D-Pad was over-dimensioned by a few millimeters, which solved one of the few problems with the GameCube layout (at that time Nintendo had reused the plastic molds of the Game Boy D-Pad) and the "Z" button on the D-pad The right side has been mirrored on the left so the PowerA controller now has the four standard shoulder buttons.

Unlike the original GameCube pad, the thumb pin and C-stick can be pushed inwards like all modern controller handlebars. These changes affect all standard controls in today's console games. A recent pairing button above allows you to connect to Bluetooth.

 Nintendo, Powera, Switch, Nintendo Switch, Gamecube, Gamecube Controller, Smash, Smash Bros,

There are some things that cause PowerA controllers to be omitted. Unlike all Nintendo wireless switch controllers, the batteries are non-rechargeable, so you need to replace AAs like the old WaveBird.

The wireless GameCube pad features a motion sensor for the few games that take advantage of this advantage Unlike the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller, there is no NFC chip to read Amiibo and other toy data. This is an acceptable omission: it's a rare interaction already covered by the Joy-Con controllers you received with your first purchase of Switch.

 Nintendo, Powera, Switch, Nintendo Switch, Gamecube, Gamecube Controller, Smash, Smash Bros,

Another annoying measure to reduce costs is a rumble or a lack of it. The PowerA controller does not have any vibration motor at all, cutting off a subtle but important part of the player's interaction. The original WaveBird did not have a rumble either … but that was in 2002. If every mobile phone in the world has at least one weak vibration motor, not to mention the tiny little Joy-Con controllers, that feedback suddenly feels pretty staggering is by far the biggest disadvantage of an otherwise impressive design.

Works well with some games …

Using the PowerA GameCube controller was really fun. The only differences I could feel between the new controller and the older design are a bit more "spring" in the thumb and shoulder buttons … which may just be because the springs are new and not my 17 year old memory. It's a lovingly crafted replica, additional buttons and a larger D-pad.

 Nintendo, Powera, Switch, Nintendo Switch, Gamecube, Gamecube Controller, Smash, Smash Bros,

Playing with The PowerA controller felt identical to my old GameCube games the WaveBird. What I really wanted. Mario Kart 8 was a particularly entertaining experience: it has a fairly simple control layout that works amazingly well with the original GameCube pad design. It only took me a minute or two to adjust the layout of the Pro Controller – my selector switch option.

 Nintendo, Powera, Switch, Nintendo Switch, Gamecube, Gamecube Controller, Smash, Smash-Bros, Dead Cells,

For something more sophisticated I have to Dead Cells changed. If you're unfamiliar with the game, it's essentially 2D Dark Souls, and the punishment requires accurate timing and the use of all face and shoulder buttons. That was a bit more difficult.

The long throw of the GameCube's shoulder buttons meant I was a bit slower with secondary abilities, and the modified face button layout on A had some premature deaths. However, Dead Cells is suitable for his players and allows full customization of control: After a few changes, I found a modified layout that was comfortable. Within 20 minutes, I was back to killing undead monsters with ruthless efficiency.

… and not others

Finally, I tried the legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . This was the big test as it is a complete 3D game with all the complex control issues of modern sandboxes. In this case, the GameCube controller layout also shows its age. Let me explain that.

 Nintendo, Powera, Switch, Nintendo Switch, Gamecube, Gamecube Controller, Smash, Smash-Bros, Zelda

You see, the controller's original design is brilliantly an oversized primary face button for the most common actions, surrounded by easily distinguishable secondary buttons. However, it works best if the games are geared to this layout. This oversized A button must be Mario's jump or the basic assault / pickup in Smash Bros . The secondary B button is also easy to find – that's why Links Sword Slot is in the GameCube Wind Waker. But on the switch with Breath of the Wild Link's sword slash is moved to the Y button – roughly the same physical location as the GameCube's B button, but a different binding ,

This means that the translation is new Zelda Control Scheme According to the old layout, the basic attack is on the top of the control cluster and not easily to the side. Therefore, the most commonly used button is the hardest to reach with the thumb. And because Breath of the Wild moves more around the open world than through inventory puzzles, the primary "interaction button" A is almost never used in the heat of battle. Therefore, the "most important" button, more or less the guiding principle of the controller design, is simply useless for this modern game. The 3D camera – set by default on the "C" stick of the PowerA controller, is inevitably staggering due to the stiffer spring and smaller nubble of the GameCube design.

 Nintendo, Powera, Switch, Nintendo Switch, Gamecube, Gamecube Controller, Smash, Smash Bros,

Breath of the Wild offers almost no controls. And to be fair, they do not really need it: Nintendo did not design the game for a tax layout two decades ago. However, if you're hoping to use the GameCube layout for games that were never designed for a very deliberate design, you'll run into such issues on a regular basis. There is something to keep in mind when planning to invest three-digit numbers in multiple controllers.

Ideal for Emulation

I do not have Smash Bros. Ultimate which of course is the case The real reason why I want this controller – and probably it will be for most people, who seek him, be the same. To test it for this test, I connected the PowerA controller to my PC and used it in the GameCube / Wii emulator Dolphin. Booting up Smash Bros. Melee or Brawl I was transported back to the glory days of my WaveBird. Apart from the above-mentioned lack of rumble, it is a perfect replica of the classic smash trade.

 Nintendo, Powera, Switch, Nintendo Switch, Gamecube, Gamecube Controller, Smash, Smash-Bros.

The controller works great if you want to specifically emulate GameCube or Wii games on a PC or similar platforms. The Bluetooth connection is fast and stable, and after reviewing the manual for the basic pairing process, I had no further issues. It's also easy to use for older games in Steam with its excellent controller customization support.

A Good Choice for a Specific Player

Should You Purchase This Wireless GameCube Controller? If you insist on the classic GameCube layout for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and want the convenience of Wi-Fi, and you're fine with the missing rumble feature, yes. This particular niche is extremely well served by this thing despite its battery and vibration deficiencies. It's like the WaveBird got into a time machine.

 Nintendo, Powera, Switch, Nintendo Switch, Gamecube, Gamecube Controller, Smash, Smash Bros,

Emulation fans looking for a simple Bluetooth GameCube controller will also support one or two these pads look forward. However, if you need both GameCube controls for Smash and vibration – a pretty big part of this specific game – you'll have to rely on Nintendo's wired controller-and-adapter combination. And if you want a wireless controller that works well with all modern switch games, the expensive but excellent Switch Pro controller is the better choice.

Even if you are in this particular niche of an ideal user, you should not do so. Hurry to pay more than the retail price for this thing – resist the urge of the Scalpers who sell the GameCube wireless controller for much, much more than valuable to enrich.

Rating: 8/10

Price: $ 49.99

Here's what we like

  • An almost perfect GameCube replica
  • More buttons for modern games
  • Simple, stable pairing
  • $ 50 price is reasonable

And what we do not

  • No vibration is a big problem
  • No rechargeable batteries
  • Layout can be tricky with some new games

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