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The wish list of the App Store is missing? This is the best alternative for iOS 11 «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Apple removed the notepad feature from the App Store when iOS 11 was released, which was a big disappointment, to say the least. While the wishlist still remains in the iTunes Store, it seems to be good for apps, but that does not mean that you can not always buy a wish list of interesting apps and games for later – with software you already have on your iPhone.

It turns out that Apple's own Notes app is an excellent place to host all the paid apps and games you want to buy in the future. But do not hurry to the app yet – while you can copy and paste your app links into a note, there's a simpler, faster, and more native way that will almost make up for the Wish List departure

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How To Set Up An App Store Wishlist In Notes

To begin, find an app in the app store that interests you. Unlike Apple's old notepad feature, you can even choose free apps and games to install later when you're connected to Wi-Fi or have more space on your iPhone (or for other reasons, you do not have to download them right away).

Tap the white ellipse (•••) in the blue bubble to the right of the app's Get or Price button, and then tap Share App in the following pop-up. The default sharing sheet appears, where you can tap Add notes.

When you tap Add to Notes, a window with a preview of the link you want to add appears. As you can see, the link takes on a stylish shape, housed in a round box whose color scheme matches the app.

You can add the link yourself, but you can also add text. If you add this link to a new note, the added text will be the name of this note ("Wish List", "App Wish List" and "Game Wish List" are all good choices). If Not "New Note" Is Displayed Next to Select Note tap the name of the note and select "Create New Note" (or first select the folder and then "Create New Note") [19659009] Do not miss: How to sync your notes on multiple devices

When you're done creating your new wish list, tap "Save" and you've officially launched your first App Store request list in your Notes App

If you have another app or game with To add to this method, next to Choose Note the last used note should be displayed so you can quickly add the app to your new wish list with or without additional textual notes However, if it does not appear, you can quickly go to it by tapping and selecting "Select a note".

Once you've added all the apps you want, you can switch to your Notes app to review your new notepad replacement. Your apps are ordered in the order in which they were added. However, you can rearrange the list as needed. Tap any app to go to the appropriate page in the App Store.

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Other notepad substitution options that you can use

While notes are probably the best substitute for The now no longer existing wish list, there are alternatives to sorting your database with the desired apps. Look at it below.

. 1 Reminders

Interestingly, with the Reminders app already installed on your iPhone, you can add titles from the App Store for later viewing. You can add items next to the remaining reminders. However, this method works much better if you create a specific list of reminders for your wish list. That way, your desired apps are included in a list that is removed from other reminders.

The Reminders app gives you the added benefit of being able to set reminders for any app or game. If you want your iPhone to remind you of a day, a week, a month, or a specific place, you can do so here.

. 2 Lookmark

When Apple leaves a hole in its software, someone else fills it. Enter Lookmark, a third-party wish list, for your iPhone. Like using notes or reminders as a wish list, Lookmark has its own extension in your sharing sheet, which allows you to quickly add songs from the App Store to the app.

While the app itself is free, it comes with app purchases For a simple wish list, such as saving apps for future downloads, however, the free version of Lookmark is done.

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You can also use a workflow to create your own wishlist using the workflow app . Reddit user inblanco has developed a workflow that automatically creates a document in your iCloud drive. This document serves as your wishlist database for all apps you want to save, and allows you to view, add, delete, and review prices for any number of songs directly from the workflow widget in Today view.

After adding, use the sharing sheet in the App Store for an app or game you want to save. Then tap Run Workflow in the list of activities. Select "Add app" when workflow opens, and that's it. You can now view, delete, search for discounts, etc. directly from the workflow widget.

. 4 Any App on Your Share Sheet

When it matters, your wish list can be anything you want, especially from the apps available to you on your share sheet. You can save any link in Google Drive, add it to your Pocket App, attach it to an email at Spark, send it in a messenger thread, or even tweet it individually.

At the end of the day, there is no built-in wish list in the App Store anymore, so decide for yourself how to catalog the apps you want to buy later. If you find an app or service that works for you, stick with it.

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