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There is an app for … what? – Elder planet

Many programs are preinstalled on your smartphone and tablet. These programs are called Apps (short for applications or software applications). You can also add apps to your smartphone or tablet. Some apps are free and others are not. You buy apps from the "store" provided by the manufacturer of your device, which you can find on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. In Chapter 12 of "Is that it all?", A friendly guide to everything digital, for newbies, techies, kicking and screaming I'll show you step by step how to find and access an app Add device to your app.

There are literally millions of apps ̵

1; Android users have 2.1 million and Apple users 1.8 million to choose from – so browse around! Do not be put off – even if you only want to use free apps, you can not download (or add or install) an app to your smartphone or tablet without entering your credit card information.

I am a Connecticut Yankee, so I only use the free apps. Here are some of my favorite apps ( FREE ):

Sit or Squat – Find Public Baths Around the World! This bladder relief app not only guides you to public bathrooms around the world, but each bathroom is described in detail – the clean, the dirty and the common. Available on iOS and Android platforms.

Amazon Kindle – Even if you never intend to buy a book from Amazon, you want this app because it lets you borrow books from public libraries wirelessly. If you renew your library card, be sure to donate to your local library!

Units – Were you going to convert feet in kilometers, pesos in rupees, ounces into drachmas, or whole notes in quavers? This little app does it for you in a second (or 0.016667 minutes). See it here.

iTranslate – Do you ever have a non-English speaking Polish colleague standing on your fire escape, cleaning your windows and not knowing how to offer him your bathroom without humiliating charades? I did. iTranslate to the rescue – and here it is. Do I have to say more?

Pandora – This music app is similar to a custom radio station. With the app you can search for artists, songs or composers. If you hear a song that you like, let it know the app, and then make a suggestion for the next song, which will be similar in nature. Search here.

TapWord – There are tens of thousands of game apps. This one is similar to Boggle – check it out here. I like this app because I learn new words each time I play. Search for your favorite game and I bet an app is available.

CheckPlease Lite – Do not make a nice evening with friends unpleasant when the check arrives. Let this app calculate the tip and cost per capita for this delicious meal. The only better thing is, if it would pay the bill! Available here on Google Play or available from Apple. Well, I have a favor … If you find an app that you love, let me know and I'll share it on my website – AskAbbyStokes.com. Send an e-mail to abbystokes@gmail.com.

Abby Stokes is the author of "Is This Thing On?" Click on a book overview, a book excerpt or buy the book.

Abby Stokes will hold a lecture titled "There's an App for That" on July 24 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the Senior Planet Center at 127 W. 25th Street, NYC. RSVP required. For an answer, send an e-mail to rsvp@seniorplanet.org or call 646-590-0615.

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Abby Stokes is the author of "Is This Thing On?" Click on a book overview, a book excerpt or buy the book.

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