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There's an Easy Way to Stop Random Popup Ads on Android «Android :: Gadget Hacks

"Why do I keep getting popups on my phone when I'm not doing anything?" I see this question posed all the time. The answer? You have a shady app on your phone and it will show fullscreen ads. But people either do not know that (so they do not know they just have to find and uninstall the problem app), or if they know it's a bad app, they do not know which app is causing it.

] There are popups across the web and ads in many free apps, but that's to be expected. It's the cost of using free services. However, these ads are restricted to the app or website and are only displayed if you actively use them. They should never be shown if you use another app or do not use your phone at all.

So that's not the kind of ad we're dealing with here. The pop-up type that appears even when you're not interacting with your phone is always caused by an adware app. Probably one that seemed to have legitimate functionality, and probably even an app that you have installed from Google Play. It is not always easy to identify.

Note: If no images appear in this article, this is probably your ad blocker. The headline contains the word "Show" and it will be used in the file name of the images, so some ad blocking will only block the images if they contain that keyword. To view the images, mark this page in the settings of your ad blocker with a whitelist.

Detecting and Removing Adware

If this has been going on for a while and you have ignored it, you can not easily uninstall the last installed app. If it's just starting, it's either an app you recently installed, or an app that was recently updated automatically.

In both cases, there is a very simple way to find out which app it is. Once the next ad appears, go to your home screen and open the Play Store app before opening another app. Open the hamburger menu, go to "My Apps" and then go to the "Installed" tab.

It's sorted alphabetically by default. At the top right, tap the small "Sort" button and select "Last used". Ignore your launcher as it is probably on the top of the list (unless you suspect it is your launcher), but tap on the second app. Click "Uninstall". You've just identified the problem now and fixed in one fell swoop!

If the option to uninstall the app is not available, it is either a pre-installed app (this would not be adware). or an app that somehow has administrator rights for devices. These can still be uninstalled, but a little more work is required. I have described this process in an earlier manual .

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Cover Picture and Screenshots by Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks

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