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Things to Do Before You Go on Vacation – LifeSavvy

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Vacationing is fun, but it can also be very stressful ̵

1; especially if you are traveling with your family. Here are some of the most important things you need to do before you leave.

Check your passport expiration date, visa requirements and travel insurance.

A friend of mine, let's call her Skye, flew from the US to Australia. about Europe. Since she has never been, she thought it would be a good idea to stop in India. On her arrival in Mumbai, she was politely informed that no, her American passport did not give her access to India, she needed a visa – which she had to obtain before her departure. The begging was not insignificant, but eventually she was deported and sent on a flight to Sydney instead of returning to London, which should have happened.

Travel, especially foreign travel, are associated with many rules and regulations. Run into conflict with them and your holiday can be ruined. The most important ones are your passport and all the visas you need.

Make sure a few weeks before your departure that you (and everyone you travel with) have a valid passport. Also check the expiration date: In some countries, including the US, passports must be valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival. Just because it's up-to-date does not mean that you'll get started.

Also check if you need a visa and, if so, what kind you need. Some countries offer e-visas or visa exemptions, which must be completed online in a few moments. In other countries, you need to send your passport to a embassy or consulate. A website like "Do you need a visa?" This is a good place to start, although you want to check all the information with the official website of the country you are currently in. It is subject to change without notice. If you are thinking about Visa for the first time, read our short Visa guide to familiarize yourself with it.

Check at the same time what type of travel insurance your health insurance offers. Some plans offer emergency care when you are abroad. If you are not covered by your health insurance or want additional protection for flight delays and loss of luggage, consider travel insurance. You may need to buy your own plan, or you may be covered by one of your credit cards. Make sure your trip meets all the requirements for coverage.

Secure your home.

After a relaxing week at the beach you should come home and find that your house has broken in. Steps to secure your home.

Call your alarm company and let them know you are not there. In this way, no false alarm is accepted when the alarm is triggered. If there is a guard in the neighborhood in your community, tell them that you are absent. You can even alert the police if you live in a tiny city.

Either be withheld by a post office, parcel, newspaper, milk, or similar supplies, or ask a trusted neighbor or friend to call your house and bring them in. Nothing screams like leaflets on the porch.

If you have smart lights or even smart blinds, it's a good idea to randomize your behavior during your absence. It may give the impression that your house is still occupied.

Make things beautiful for your return.

After a nice trip you do not want to return to a dirty home. Before you set off, make sure things arrived safely on your return:

  • Clean up the fridge and throw away perishables.
  • Empty all inner containers.
  • Clean all bathrooms.
  • And above all, put fresh sheets on each bed.

In the future you will thank you.

Sort your finances.

You do not want financial concerns hindering your vacation job in the one or two weeks before your departure sure that nothing turns up.

Check which bills are due when you're gone. If you have not set them up for automatic payment – what you should really do – pay them in advance or adjust the payment in a different way.

If you are traveling abroad, call your bank and let them know. My brother constantly forgets to do so, and when he first tries to use his debit card for any onward journey, his bank keeps them in check. It takes 20 minutes for his card to work again. Do it before you go.

Check the currency of your destination and the exchange rate. As long as your bank does not charge you ridiculous fees, it is usually best to use an ATM at your destination.

Please also inform yourself about the common payment methods of your destination. Although debit and credit cards are widely used, AMEX cards, for example, are not accepted in most European countries. In other countries, cards are only accepted in upscale restaurants and hotels. everywhere else cash is used.

Pack the essentials.

My favorite hack for stress-free travel is simple: Realize that you need much less stuff than you think to have a good trip. I'm serious; You could run almost any trip with just your phone, passport, and credit card. You may need to buy cheap clothes or borrow a charger at your destination, but that's not the end of the world.

Now it's a bit ridiculous to just travel with your phone, passport and credit card Essential list is not so much:

  • your smartphone. It is your gateway to all your booking information, insurance details and everything else. So prepare it before you go.
  • USB cable and charger for your smartphone to keep your smartphone fresh.
  • Your passport. It is what brings you through immigration.
  • Your boarding pass or ticket details. That brings you on the plane.
  • A credit card. If you forget your sunglasses or swimsuit, you'll need to replace them.
  • A replacement clothes change in the event that something is spilled or bags are lost.
  • Enough medication for the entire journey. You do not want to travel to the ER because you forgot to fill out a prescription before you leave.

I recommend packing everything on this list a day or two before your departure if you are not stressed out. Just knowing that you have everything you need to plan your trip in a bag is a huge relief. Then you can concentrate on packing sunscreen, bathing suits and everything else.

Holiday is epic – as long as you do it right. Follow the above steps before setting yourself up for a good time.

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