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Things to do when your phone is offline

In 2019, it's pretty unusual for us to be completely offline. However, dead zones and long flights remain an unavoidable part of life for many.

Google Assistant now recommends doing things when the phone is offline. B. Play games. However, there are some options that can be added to the list. In a nutshell, here are some things you can do when your phone is offline.

Take advantage of the offline storage

If you know that you will be going off the net in front of you, you have a huge advantage. Use these storage capacities by downloading your favorite playlists or videos. Most streaming services offer this as an option. You can even save online articles for later insights.

A library of readable content on your Kindle or Audible app can also help you pass the time. That's right: books are still one thing people do and apparently consume. If you have not yet jumped on the literary train, now is your chance!

 Amazon Kindle - Best Reading Apps

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Look for Networks Lasting

They become almost every obvious one Activity that you can do with your phone is exhausted while it's pretty fast offline. In this case, you will be tempted to check your network connection like a gerbil on a heroin drip. Go ahead and give in to this temptation. The sooner you reconnect, the better. Refresh, Refresh, Update .

Please note that searching for networks leads to significant battery life losses. Use airplane mode when you are in a power-saving situation. If you have brought a powerful energy bank like a responsible techie, you should be ready.

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Use your device as a paperweight

Sometimes paper does not stay where it should be. That's why God invented the paperweights. Most people pay good, hard-earned money on paperweights in the form of turtles or oversized diamonds, but your offline phone is just as effective at keeping paper quiet.

To turn your phone into a paperweight, simply place the device on paper that you want to stay stationary. If someone opens a door quickly or cats enter your work area, your papers will stay where you left them.

Prop open a window on a sunny day

If you are in one part of the world in which the exterior is more comfortable than the interior at this time of year, let the good, old-fashioned freshness Air in your home or office! Some older windows have problems keeping them open, but with your reliable offline phone you will not waste a summer breeze.

Proceeding Against the FOMO

If your phone is offline, it's easy to think about all the activities you're likely to miss. You can almost certainly imagine what your friends and family are doing without you and how much fun they have.

Do not panic. What you experience is the classic fear of missing out (FOMO).

Your friends and family are almost certainly having fun without you.

There is currently no cure known for FOMO that has not yet been classified by the World Health Organization as an actual disease. However, spry mental gymnastics can put you in a good mood in no time. The Oatmeal recommends converting FOMO to "JOMO".

Alternatively, we have found that napping is a good countermeasure because it is impossible to fear when sleeping. Unless you are prone to sleep paralysis. In this case, it is perfectly normal to fear the demon in the corner of your room.

Talk to a stranger.

Many of us became "Not talking to strangers, but you, what, now? 30? 57? It's time to get rid of "Stranger Danger" and make a charming conversation with someone you've never met.

Strangers are almost everywhere, but most are outside their home. This means that you probably have to leave or order the pizza delivery to find one.

Strangers are almost everywhere, but most are outside your home.

Once you have identified your stranger, you will need an icebreaker issue to get the conversation going. We recommend softballs like "What do you most regret?" Or "Do you suffer from gastrointestinal complaints that complicate your daily routine?"

Let your natural charisma guide you after you get the ball rolling savvy social Sisyphus that you know you are.

Remember: strangers are just friends you have not met yet. Or dangerously unpredictable sociopaths. Or both!

Playing Bocce

Boccia is a grassroots game with roots in ancient Rome when most phones were offline. As such, it's a perfect activity for the typical offline user.

To play you need of course a set Boccia balls. A solid set will probably cost you between $ 30 and $ 40. If you're considering a price of $ 70 or more, you're probably paying too much. We recommend feathering for a soft carrying case.

Boccia can be played by two to four people, with heavy balls being thrown against each other.

The game is over when a team reaches 12 points.

Start with A team throws out the smaller "Jack" ball, which is usually white. This is called "delivering the buck". The team that provides the goat also carries out the first bowling green.

The goal is to bring the Boccia closer to the Bock than to the opponents. After each team has made a first throw, the team with the ball closest to the Jack may throw all remaining Bocci balls one after the other. After their balls are thrown, the team throws the rest of their Bocci balls with a ball closest to the Jack and so on.

Master Sergeant Thomas, "The O & M Malley Factor", O & M Malley and referee Mr. Bill Huges of the Santa Maria Lawn Bowling Club measures the distance between the two bocce balls during the Combat Bocce Ball Tournament on Friday, May 5, 2007, in the 381st US Air Force Training Group. The event was conducted as one of the 381st quarterly training group events to ensure morale remains high. (Photo by Nichelle K I Griffiths)

Remember that betting a bocce ball is perfectly legal. This can radically change a round by removing the core of the game from players who have already rolled.

When all the balls have been thrown, determine which team has a bocce ball closest to the jack. Only this team scores points in this round, and all other teams receive no points.

The scoring is easy. If your ball is closest to the goat, you will receive one point for each bocce ball that is closer to the buck than the nearest bocce ball that you do not own. If one of your balls touches the Jack at the end of a turn, it is called a "kiss" or "baci" and has a value of two points.

As soon as the points are counted, the Bocce balls are collected and the winning team delivers the Jack to start the next round.

The game is over when a team reaches 12 points. However, if you lose when a team reaches 12 points, you can insist that the game reach either 15 or 21 points to keep your ego intact.

With all the fun you have Now memes and emails are probably the farthest thing for you!

Consider the Heat Death of the Universe

Remember that the unstoppable expansion of the universe will ultimately isolate our galaxy within a causally separated galaxy. The remaining stars will collapse and hiss, replaced by a dark abyss with black holes and increasingly inert interstellar gas.

Without the ability to inject more energy into this closed system, all life will go Motorola's way. After all, even black holes over thousands of years lose their energy through Hawking radiation, eventually shrinking and completely evaporating.

Given the size and inevitability of this slipping into mindless entropy, this has no practical use, but you could limit yourself to comparison. Insignificant and transient enough for your phone to reconnect to the network.

Prank Your Friends

In the successful films of Willy Wonka, poor Charlie Bucket found a golden card hidden beneath his shell coveted Wonka Bar. It is not recommended gold Keeping it next to chocolate – heavy metal poisoning is a serious illness with countless symptoms that can take years to manifest. However, you can hide your phone in a misused shell for the surprise and enjoyment of your friends.

A Samsung Galaxy Note 9, for example, fits well in a Hershey bar with gold Peanuts & Pretzels in "king-size format". Imagine the surprise of your friend, who finds a virtually useless smartphone instead of a caramel cream. You have her! You are a normal Jack Vale.

Best of all: You have to eat the sweets prematurely.

Pro Tips:

  • You should use a very mild glue to re-attach the candy packaging after you have carefully opened it. We recommend eyelash glue that sticks inconspicuously to cellophane and is easy to clean if something gets on your phone. Apply with the included brush, hold in place for 30 seconds and leave to work for one hour.
  • Do not forget to reclaim your phone. It is expensive.
  • Intervene when your friend actually tries to eat the device.

Learn how to play guitar.

All the time you have revised or viewed your friends' vacations Pictures could have been used to develop an ability! Now that these distractions are no longer an option, it's time to wipe the old fender you borrowed from your brother three years ago and learn an e-chord.

You would be surprised what progress you can make with just 30 minutes a day to an activity. Learning all the main chords in a session only takes about as long, but you have to wait for muscle memory before you can naturally switch between them.

The key here is consistency. Take some time each day and start strumming.

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We recommend learning on an electric guitar rather than on an acoustic guitar. The reason for this is that the positioning of the fingers is of the utmost importance and the practice of over and over again annoys your roommate, dog, neighbor or father, if you use an acoustics. E-guitars without amplifiers are quiet, but you can still hear if you hit the chords correctly.

Learn your chords, and then work your way through John of Cash's Ring of Fire as you lie on the couch and binge – Watching Altered Carbon on Netflix.

Create a list of your achievements.

Lists are not just tasks, they can also be tasks that you have done!

While You When the phone is offline, take a few moments to take stock of your life. What did you do with it Are you happy where you are? Are you in a better situation now than last year? Have you ever seen Altered Carbon? It is pretty good.

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Make a list of all things that you are proud to have achieved at your age. Whatever you do, do not visit the page "Things that other people of your age have reached" and enter your age.

Do not do it.



Face crippling self-observation

Repeat the list you just created.

What have you really done with your life? Are you really satisfied with your location? Are you really in a better position than last year?

How many days did you waste? How many valuable relationships have you missed? What would have happened if you had actually chosen this kiss when you were afraid to take the first step in high school?

What did you want to be when you were grown up? What are you doing now?

Are you satisfied with your BMI? What about your credit score? Is your graduation really worth the debt you're in? When do you remember the last time that you were not stressed?

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Renting a Friend's Cell Phone

  Galaxy S9 Plus Cases - Kerf Spalted Maple

Remember, not all networks are the same. If you have friends, some of their phones may still work, even if you're currently offline. If the situation gets too bad, do not forget that even heroes ask for help from time to time. Ask your phone to rent your friend's device.

If you do not have friends, read our post about strangers. [196590083] Summary

There you have it! Now you never have to worry about what to do if your phone is ever offline again. If you are particularly ingenious, download this article so you can access it even when you're offline.

If you know someone who is currently suffering from an offline phone, let him know. Of course you will not see it, but it is the thought that counts.

Share this with a friend who is often offline. You will not see it, but it is the thought that counts.

These are our favorites, but we would also like to hear from you! What do you do when your phone is offline? Give us your best in the comments!

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