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This great Google Trick lets you instantly open websites from your phone


Angela Lang / CNET

Imagine looking for wall art, a shelf, or new furniture ideas in Google Images. If you now see an entry that you like, you can simply swipe up to jump to the website. The new feature for Google Images, Swipe to Visit, is now being introduced for your phone.

This feature allows you to use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a quicker way to preview Google images on web pages. Load the page on mobile devices.

Swipe to Visit currently works in all mobile web browsers, in the pixel search bar ($ 244 on Amazon) or in the Google app, however, not googling. Also note that some sites may not yet support AMP. If this is the case, it works as follows.

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Note the following:

Google is working on the Chrome pause button, Bill Gates is calling. ..



. 1 Open your web browser on your phone.

2. Looking for something, such as For example, for landscape design ideas, and tap Pictures .

3. Touch a photo that attracts your attention.

4. A preview of the site is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Swipe up to view the webpage immediately.

5. When you're done viewing the webpage, you can either leave it or swipe down for later viewing.

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$ 244

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