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This is how you see the big bang theory online – including the 12th season

As Friends and White Collar has now The Big Bang Theory reached its final season. As a result, it is attracting many viewers who are desperately looking for a reliable place to catch up with seasons one to eleven before embarking on the final season.

We always strive to help you, whenever and wherever we can. We've put together the best places to watch The Big Bang Theory online, including the twelfth season. We have also checked in triplicate whether the entire article is free of spoilers. It is therefore not necessary to read it with one eye closed ̵

1; this is a spoiler-free zone.

Here's the Big Bang Theory Season 12 [19659005] You'd think it would be hard to track the last season of a TV show, but in this case it's pretty simple. In fact, it's so straightforward that you can see the first episode before the minute runs out: just go to CBS's website, sign up for a CBS All Access account, and get streamed.

weekly free trial of CBS All Access. After this time, you will either switch to a Limited Commercial or Commercial Free membership, depending on which trial you have registered for, the latter at $ 9.99 per month, not.

The twelfth season of The Big Bang Theory has 24 episodes. Each is for half an hour. If you average four episodes per day, you can cover all in five days and have one day to read the rest of the content offered and then cancel your subscription without paying a penny.

But what about it? The other eleven seasons?

Hiring seasons one through eleven is just as painless, though you'll probably need to save a few dollars for convenience, since there are 255 episodes out of the 24 in Season 12 and the free trial version of this special service covers just one month long – before you have to spend $ 7.99.

So how do you watch seasons one to eleven? Netflix. That's right – on the largest on-demand streaming platform in the market is the full series of The Big Bang Theory except the twelfth season (which will be added later).

This means, to see from start to finish, you must start with Netflix and switch to CBS for the ultimate season.

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