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This low-tech shoe hack will change your life

There are a handful of ancient archaic artifacts that feel out of place in our modern lives. Most office telephone and voice mail systems have remained largely unchanged for many years. Personally, I find it confusing that people are still walking around distributing tiny paper cards with their phone numbers imprinted on them. And I can see no reason in 2018 for us to fasten our shoes to our feet with thin, knotted threads.


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Lose the laces with this no-tie shoe hack


That (and apparently my bad laces technique) is why I always prefer slip-on shoes, but try to find a good pair of centerless wingtips or oxfords at expensive Soho boutique … Over the years, I've bought a handful of lace-up shoes that I really like, but I rarely wear them only because of the extreme annoyance of the old-fashioned shoelaces. (If you think that's crazy, give it a try while you load a first grader out the door.) Velcro for Kids (or New Balance), so that was not an incentive for me.

And then I discovered a low-tech shoe hack that saved my forgotten lace-up shoes and once and for all proved to me that laces are an archaic relapse that is best forgotten.

  01 rubber laces

I will actually wear four pairs of shoes now.

Sarah Tew / CNET

While I was clicking on Amazon, I came across different offers for rubber boots. Not long rubber strings that you need to thread and tie like normal lace, but short bands that run horizontally over the eyelet. They come in child and adult sizes, in a variety of colors, and each set contains nine pairs of ribbons, each with a different width (from 45 mm wide to 80 mm wide for the adult set).

Just use your fingers or a tablet pen to push the anchor-shaped rubber ends through the eyelets of your shoes, and off you go. I found these laces safe and comfortable, and when you combine black and brown shoelaces with same-colored shoes, it's very subtle in appearance.

I tried a few different shoe laces. Most of my dress shoes needed only four or five pairs of straps, and in the end I used bands from the smaller section of the nine-band section, even though I wore a size 13 shoe – so if you have small feet, try the kids maybe from & # 39; size.

  06Rubble Shoelaces "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/img/sD74guJGDjIND1_qtrRYtbXnyMDE=/620x0/2018/05/16/ed28829a-d488-45d5-b599-8040ae68c7ee/06rubber-laces.jpg

For each pair of eyelets you need one of these bands.

Sarah Tew / CNET

I ordered several sets of different colors from two different brands via Amazon. The actual products were, as far as I could tell, identical, and each set cost $ 7.99. Amazon UK has them for £ 6.99 and Amazon Australia has them for AU $ 11. The two brands I tried were:

Well, I know what you think: These elastic laces are not just for kids Preschool age or seniors? Are not you deeply uncool? Once upon a time, maybe. But like granny sandals and records elastic shoelaces are seen in a whole new light. "In our earlier years, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from people with motor problems," says Keith Martine, the PR manager at Hickies, one of the best known brands for elastic laces. "When our product was featured on Jessica Alba, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, Bradley Cooper, and others, we became a hit for millennials."

In other words, traditional laces are yet another point Millennial Till List

As for me, I feel like my shoe collection has doubled since I started putting all my lace-ups into this no-tie Changing bands and I encourage everyone else to join me in a top club. free future.

Which other obsolete everyday objects should we replace with something new and clever? Meet me on Twitter at @danackerman and let me know.

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