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Tips for Viewing and Leaving Yelp (and Why It's Important) «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Yelp reviews are great for getting a feel for how a business works, but you can not always trust them and they're not always understood fast enough to the point. This is where "tips" come into play, and you can view them and choose whether to use an iPhone or an Android phone.

No, I'm not talking about the extra money you give someone to do a good job, but a section in Yelp that's often overlooked. Each Yelp business listing has a "Tips" section where you can read bite-sized information about the location provided by the customer. And you could be one of those customers who have a particularly great piece of advice to advise everyone else.

Tips do not have a star rating, so they do not apply to generating averages among the clients and also for them. Do not bear all the emotional weight that would have overrated or hateful reviews. Instead, the tips are withdrawn and possibly more honest "reviews" that contain useful information for finding parking, for reservations, for the best dishes, for good visiting hours, and so on.

Viewing Yelp Tips [1
9659006] To view the tips of a Yelp listing, scroll down the page of the business to the bottom of the screen, and then tap Tips (next to a light bulb icon). It should be between "Recommended Reviews" and "Persons who are also viewed".

Flip through the tips to see what people are saying about the business. Although many of the tips tend to be very simple, and in some cases not even real tips, you should look for more detailed advice that mentions the best time to make a reservation or the best place to park for free.

If you find a good tip, you can give it a "compliment" so you can choose a compliment type, such as: For example, "You're Cool" (with a snowflake icon) or "Thanks" (the default band icon). and send the user a personal note to join. Apart from "compliment" there is also the typical "like" button.

If you feel like you're leaving a tip, You can easily do this from any business listing by tapping the vertical or horizontal ellipse (•••) in the upper-right corner, also known as the "More Options" menu, then clicking "Add a tip." Alternatively, you can click On the "Tips" page (mentioned in the previous section), leave a tip by tapping the plus sign (iOS) or the light bulb (Android) in the top right corner.

In the blank field, type the information you want into your You can also add a photo if necessary (tap the camera icon) by pressing it t or select an existing one from the library on the device. The character limit is 500, and a photo will not count toward this limit. However, it is recommended to make the tip short and sweet. After all, they are not reviews. When finished, click on "Post".

These tips are checked by Yelp's automated verification software. Depending on the quality, reliability, and activity on Yelp, your tip might be removed. Make sure your tip is a tip, eg. For example, to recommend the best time to avoid a crowd or the best dish you could eat at the location, and that you use Yelp regularly to keep it on the business listing.

Tips on managing your tips

You can only get one tip from The Yelp Application is available on either iOS or Android, but you can edit or remove a tip from the website or mobile apps.

If you want to edit or remove one of your tips from one of the apps, you can find it under Tips. Section on the business page or in the "Tips" section on the "Me" tab. Once you've found the tip, touch "Edit" and then "Tip Remove" (iOS) or "Remove" (Android) to delete it. You can also edit the text of the tip, or swap (or add) an image as needed. Then select "Refresh".

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