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To accelerate facial recognition on your iPhone

  Face Unlock on a Phone
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Apple announced the Face ID next to the iPhone X and praised its strong security improvements over the Touch ID. But if the security control is activated to the end, face recognition can be slow. So it's faster.

Safety and comfort are usually at odds with each other. Because of this, users use weak passwords, which is why they do not use passwords on their phones. However, Face ID is the exception, as it improves security without being in the way.

How safe is Face ID?

Apple states that there is a 1

in 1,000,000 chance that someone else can unlock your iPhone or mobile phone iPad with a face that is not registered with the face ID. This rate may change if you have an identical twin, but for most people this is not relevant, and for these people, the Face ID is certainly a better option than the Touch ID. Both are more convenient than using a standard four or six digit passcode. However, whether they are safer overall is not always clear, as biometric authentication and law enforcement are required by law.

Apple also offers the option to only unlock your device when it detects your attention and increases security. If the option is turned on that requires attention, your device will not be unlocked if it can not see your eyes. That means no one can hold your phone to your face as you sleep.

However, this special feature also has its problems. Some types of sunglasses prevent Face ID from seeing your eyes and it takes time to recognize them. It is not long but often a conspicuous one.

Disabling attention detection shortens the time required for the face ID to confirm your identity before you unlock your device. Remember that your iPhone may be unlocked without your knowledge if you disable this feature. However, if the speed advantages are sufficient, disabling is easy.

Disabling Attention Detection

Open Settings, and then tap the Face ID & Passcode button. You must enter your passcode to continue.

 Tap Face ID and passcode

Scroll to the section titled ATTENTION and turn the Attention to Face ID switch required to Off.

 Turn on the switch

On the confirmation screen, tap "OK".


Attention Detection is now disabled. Lock your device and turn on the screen to use the new, faster Face ID for a shoot.

Other Attention-Related Extras

Your iPhone and iPad may catch your eye for purposes outside the face ID. You can prevent the screen from dimming and make notifications quieter if they attract your attention.

In the Attention section of the Face ID & Passcode of Settings section, set the Attention-aware Functions switch to the "ON" position. [19659004]   Toggle the

Face ID is a great addition to the iPhone and iPad and is constantly improving. It also remains much safer than similar features on Android, even if you disable attention detection.

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