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To add comments in Google Docs

Google Docs is an excellent alternative to many other word processing applications and allows users to communicate with employees about specific parts of a document without having to send an email or message. How to Add Comments in Google Docs:

Adding comments to Google Docs is a useful way to add notes, suggestions, or questions to other people in the document. Comments are an excellent way for teachers to add specific notes for the author / student who wrote the file. Adding comments is also available for slides and sheets and is virtually the same. However, we will use docs in the following examples.

Note: To add and reply to comments you must first edit / comment access the document.

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Adding Comments in Google Docs

In a document for which you have rights to Edit or Comment, highlight the cursor or highlight the cursor next to Text, Picture, Cell or Slide to which you want to add a comment. Click either the comment icon on the toolbar or the icon on the right side of the document.

A comment field opens. Enter your comment and click "Comment" to send your notes.

All comments are displayed on the right side of the document. The comments are a thread and you just have to reply to one answer by clicking on it, typing in a response and then clicking "Reply".

If the comment is in the document, if you want to make changes, delete them, or generate a link that brings the person who clicked on them directly to your comments On the three dots to the right of the comment.

If you want to send an email If you comment on a specific person, you can mention them (with the first letter of their name) and they will receive an email telling you about your comment informed.

Note: ] If the person does not yet have permission to comment / edit the file, they will be prompted to share it with them.

Once you have read and answered all the comments, you can mark them as "solved" and "marked". Get them out of the way.

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