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To Add Rich Web Link Previews to Your Reminders in iOS 13 «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

On iOS 13, Apple included some important updates for the Reminders app for the iPhone. This includes the ability to add web links to individual reminders, including a comprehensive preview of the link, which can be minimized as needed. You can now paste an Amazon link into a reminder to buy a gift or recipe web page in your grocery list, just to name a few examples.

Comprehensive Web Link Preview is a feature that has gained some popularity. Eg notes and messages. By adding deep links to tasks, individual list items get more context and you have quick access to all web-based tasks. The Reminders app even appears in the share sheet when you look at something with a URL. So you can quickly create a reminder with a link without having to switch to the Reminders app first.

If not, note the following: All devices have been updated to the latest operating system versions. In reminder, you can not use web links. All your devices ̵

1; iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple Watch – logged in to the same iCloud account must be upgraded to iOS 13, iPadOS 13, macOS 10.15, or watchOS 6, otherwise you will not be able to attach any media to a reminder Add.

Add a web link to a reminder

If you've already created a reminder, you can simply attach a reminder link to the reminder. Tap the title of the element to display an info button on the left. Tap on it and the view Details for the reminder will open. At the top is a box labeled "URL" where you can insert the URL you want to attach to the task.

If you are currently viewing a webpage for which you want to create a reminder (or anything that has one) if you have a web link (such as a tweet in a Twitter app or an article in the Amazon App), tap the Share button and select Reminders. You can also long press a hyperlink to access the Share button and select Reminders.

After you touch Reminders, a sheet opens where you can create your reminder. The title of the task defaults to the name of the website. You can change the title of the reminder and add additional notes. You can also edit all other options by tapping Details at the bottom. From here you can edit:

  • When or how to be remembered.
  • Whether the memory is marked.
  • The priority of memory.
  • To which list the reminder should be added. [19659012] Adding rich web link previews to your reminders in iOS 13 ” width=”270″ height=”270″ style=”max-width:532px;height:auto;”/>
      Adding rich web link previews to your reminders in iOS 13
Adding a link (left) manually compared to starting a reminder about a link (right).

Editing the link in a reminder

To edit the link associated with a reminder, tap the task title to display the info button. Tap to open the Details view. From here you can either change the URL to link to another page, or delete the link completely.

When you reminder a list, you can also decrease the size of the link preview to show the title and favicon of the webpage only. Long press on a link preview, and a "small thumbnails" button appears in an edit menu. Tap to minimize the preview. To restore a larger preview, hold down the collapsed link and tap the "Large Thumbnails" button.

Note, however, that minimizing or enlarging a link preview affects all Web link previews in all your lists. In addition, this also affects the size of all the images you have embedded in your memories. Changes affect previews in all areas.

Edit a link (left) and change the size of the link Preview (right).

Viewing the Web Link

If you want to see the attached web page, just tap the preview. If you have an app installed on your phone that can handle the link, such as: For example, social media apps such as Twitter and Facebook, or when shopping for apps like Amazon, will open the link from the app. Safari opens the web page for all other URLs.

A web link opens in Safari (on the left) against the Amazon app ( right).

One of the built-in iPhone apps, Reminders is used by many people. So it's nice to see that iOS 13 is finally getting a solid update. With the link preview you can get more context or help with each reminder and get another tool that lets you do things.

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Cover photo and GIFs by Mike Goril / Gadget Hacks

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