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To automatically import new contacts and clean up existing ones on your Google Pixel «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Your pixel has some hidden features that you probably do not know, such as: For example, the ability to clean up your unconventional contact list. Since I am sure that you have not manually organized your contacts since the beginning of Android, there are probably some incomplete and duplicate contacts. Thankfully, your phone can fix this automatically.

I have some duplicate contacts with minor differences, such as adding or subtracting a letter or number (for example, the country code "1" at the beginning). With Google Pixel, there's a tool that can help you solve these annoying contact problems without manually combing the interconnecting trenches.

Step 1
: Open suggestions in Contacts

Open the default Contacts app in your Pixel device. Tap on the Hamburger button (three lines in the top left corner) and then on the "Suggestions" button.

Step 2: Merging Duplicate Contacts

On the Suggestions screen, tap Merge Duplicates. This is only visible if you have contacts to merge.

Here you can see numbers that are identical but have small differences, such as formatting, or the name in your address book is not identical. You can either "Merge All" or select one by one, which you want to merge or close. I will "merge all". After you've merged or closed all your contacts, the "Duplicate Contact" button no longer appears.

Step 3: Keep contacts up to date

Then tap Keep contacts up to date, if visible. This appends e-mail addresses and other details to contacts, if possible. You can associate your e-mails with names one at a time or execute them with the "accept all" button in one go.

Step 4: Add details from Gmail

If yours If additional information has been provided in an e-mail, this information may be added to the contact. I would be more skeptical about this information as it may not be relevant. It may be an address or number that may not be from them.

If you tap "Add details from Gmail," you'll be able to see the email to verify that the information is correct, and there's no "Accept All." Option. You must add the information one by one. I advise you to check the emails to make sure the information is correct.

Step 5: Add people to whom you frequently send emails

Now tap the "Add people to whom you frequently send emails" button, if any. Here is a list of likely known emails that you can add to your contact list. You can either add the contact by tapping Add contact, or close it by tapping Discard.

Then you have cleaned up your contact list!

Cover Picture and Screenshot of Spencer Depas / Gadget Hacks

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