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To change the on-screen keyboard layout on a Chromebook

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Chrome OS offers a variety of keyboard layouts for the on-screen keyboard, also known as a software keyboard or touch keyboard. If you prefer layout for a different region or language, follow these steps to change it.

This is also useful if you do not need to see and activate the Ctrl and Alt keys on the software keyboard. Some Chromebook users have reported a problem.

First, click on the clock to open the system menu and the notification bar. Then click the Settings icon.

 Click on the clock and then on the setting gear

Scroll down and click on "Advanced".

 Under Settings, click Advanced, at the bottom of the page

Scroll a little further until you see the "Language and input" section. To expand, click Input Method, and then click Manage Input Methods.

 Click Input Method, then Manage Input Methods

Find the keyboard you want to use and check Click the box to the right to install the keyboard settings. For example, if the Ctrl and Alt keys are not displayed on the current on-screen keyboard of your Chromebook, click the Advanced US Keyboard check box to enable it.

 Scroll down until you see the extended US keyboard Check the box on the left

Now when you open the on-screen keyboard, tap or click the voice tag icon to the left of the space bar and select Select the desired keyboard from the list.

 On the on-screen keyboard, click Voice Input (US), and then select US Extended keyboard

The layout of your keyboard changes immediately – you do not have to restart anything. [19659003]   The Ctrl and Alt keys are now added to the keyboard.

Chromebooks do not support third-party software keyboards, such as Android. Google has plans to do this in the future. Until Google allows the use of third-party keyboard apps on Chrome OS, the keyboard layouts included with Chrome OS are your only options.

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