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To clean a ceiling fan in 60 seconds

  How-to-clean-a-ceiling fan

Everything you need for a clean ceiling fan.

Alina Bradford / CNET

After window cleaning, cleaning ceiling fans is my most hated task. Normally I land with dust above me and only lightly cleaner fan blades.

Until recently, that was.

To clean your ceiling fan and stay dust-free, try creating a DIY cleaning tool with items you already own. It only needs a barbecue tongs, a few rags and four rubber bands.

First, roll each arm of the pliers with a rag (old terry towels work best) and secure them with rubber bands. Then clamp the fan blade between the pliers arms and pull the flaps along the length of the blade. (Ladies and gentlemen with long hair, the action is very similar to styling your hair with a flat iron.)

This technique cleans the top and bottom of the fan blades in one go. Better yet, the dust is trapped between the rags, so no dust will fly into your face.

This top gets clean in seconds with ceiling fan blades.

Alina Bradford / CNET

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