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To copy and share a link to your Instagram story that you can post anywhere «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Instagram is all about sharing, but not all parts are the same. Take stories, for example. Until recently, stories could not just be shared outside the Instagram bubble. With Instagram, you can now share a convenient link to some or all of your story or story on a different platform (text, email, social app) virtually anywhere.

The new link sharing feature is as easy as you think It was already available as a sharing option for your Instagram story. Yes, you could already share your story for direct messages with your friends or as a new post in your feed, but stories have not yet been shared outside the Instagram network. Hidden Code in Instagrams App was discovered which predicted that story links would come, and we are glad that the company has followed suit.

What You Need to Know

Copying or linking to your story could not be easier. Keep in mind that the link you receive correlates with the position in the story you are in when copying or sharing the link. So, if you copy the URL from the beginning, anyone who opens it starts at the beginning. However, if you release the link from the middle, it will open in the middle (however, you can always backtrack if you want to see past content.)

Also, the Copy Link option may appear in the menu "More" if you pass your story on Just close friends. The link does not open for your story because it is not public. If it's a public story, but you choose friends for whom you do not want to share it, other users will still be able to see the story through the link.

Copy a link to a specific story

Now you can retrieve or share your story Story Link, open your own story. On iOS, you can use the new Copy Link option at the bottom of the story. If you do not see it, tap More, then Share With, and Copy Link. On Android, tap on "More" and then on "Copy Link". If you chose Copy Link, a link to your story will be copied to your clipboard and you can paste it anywhere.

The button on iOS (left) and the menu item on Android (right).

Copying a Link to All Stories

If You Do not Want It You do not want the web link to play your story where you copied it, but always play it back to the beginning. You can just share your basic story link. That way, the link always works and opens the story you have for that day, compared to a specific story – unless you have no public stories available with your username below or if you have your link above Copy Link, delete all content by username, and share a permanent story link.


Share a link to a specific story

Copying your story link may be a bit more involved than needed if you can only share the link instead, so you can tap More, then Save Link to open the sharing menu and select an app to publish in, but so far we've only seen this option for Android and hopefully it will be available to iPhone users soon.

The Share Link option is currently available for Android only.

Opening someone else's story link

Let's say you're getting an Instagram story link. What happens when you open it? If you have Instagram installed on your device, the link will automatically open the app and take you directly to the point in the story the link leads to. Quite simple, right?

If you have not installed the app, it will open through the Instagram link in your mobile browser. Not a big deal, but you must already be logged in to view the linked story. If you need to sign in first, you'll need to tap or paste the story link again to open it.

However, if you do not have permission to view the story, either because the poster's account is private, The story is only for close friends, the story has expired or there is no story for the current day. In these cases, "Story unavailable" is displayed.

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Cover Picture and Screenshots by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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