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To create a GIF from a YouTube video

Regardless of how you say it, animated image standards are a popular way to share content and reactions online. Creating them is a skill in itself, but you can easily create great from existing online videos from websites like YouTube. In the past, you might have needed to use something like Photoshop for animated GIFs, but that's not the case anymore.

In this guide, we'll show you how to create a GIF video from a YouTube video using some simple online tools. Whichever of these tools you prefer, each one does the job well and is so easy that you can create GIFs in minutes.

Option 1
: GIFs.com

Step 1: Find the YouTube video from which you want to create a GIF (possibly a NASA archive?) And copy its URL.

Step 2: Navigate to GIFs.com. Paste your chosen YouTube URL into the white box on the left side of the page (check if you have copied the entire link for this to work). It should recognize it automatically. If it does not work right away, just click the "Create" button. You can also upload your own videos to the website by clicking the "Upload" button.

  Rotate the YouTube video youtubegif13

Be sure to click on the "X" to hide it (otherwise it will appear in your GIF). Then click on the timeline below the image and select the start and end times for your animated GIF. A blue bar indicates the time period to be used.

You can make it as long or as short as you like, but keep in mind that the longer the animation, the larger the file size. In some places where you want to share the GIF, the size may be limited. For example, Twitter has a GIF limit of 5 MB for mobile devices and 15 MB for desktop computers, although 15 MB is considered very large for a GIF.

Next, add some effects, a caption, or a sticker if you like me. You can also crop the image and add other effects. When you are satisfied, click on "Create gif" in the top right corner.

It may take some time to create the image, especially if you are creating a long GIF.

Step 4: The next page prompts you to confirm the title of the GIF and select the tags you want.

Step 5: On the last page you will find options to download, embed, or share your newly created GIF. You'll also get a preview to see what it looks like. If you want to remove the watermark in the corner, you can do so, but it means that you need to sign up for the premium service, which is $ 8 per month. This is not required for occasional GIF creation.

Option 2: Giphy

Another popular online GIF service is Giphy. It supports YouTube and Vimeo links as well as manually created GIFs from photos. It also has a variety of options for customizing your GIF, adding labels and other elements to customize them the way you want.

Step 1: Copy the YouTube URL from which you want to create a GIF Navigate to giphy.com. Click on the "Create" button in the upper menu bar.

Step 2: Paste your YouTube URL into the box at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Select the start time and duration of your GIF and click the "Continue to Decorate" button.

Step 4: If necessary, add a caption and stickers with drawn overlays. When you are satisfied, click the "Continue to Upload" button.

Step 5: Wait for the GIF to be created. If it is long, it may take several minutes. After creating, click the "Upload to GIPHY" button to publish it.

Step 6: You can now use the available links to download, copy, embed on a website, and much more!

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