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To create a questionnaire in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft has added many new tools to Office over the past few years, and Forms is one that can come in handy when creating a survey, survey, quiz, or questionnaire. Let's take a look at how it works.

Forms is an online tool that you can use for free even though you need to sign up for a free Microsoft account. You can export all answers to the form for display, filtering and reporting in Excel (also use it online). If you've never used it, open the Forms site and click either the big green Getting Started button in the middle of the screen or the Sign In link in the top right corner. Log in to your Microsoft account or create a new account.

When you have done this, a splash screen appears if you have not yet created a form that you can close and close.

How to Create a Form

Forms is pretty intuitive to use, but there are a few bells and whistles if you know where to look. We will keep it simple by creating a basic questionnaire. Click on "New Form" to start.

This will open a blank form. Click on "Form without title" and enter a name for the questionnaire.

After entering a title, you have the possibility to add an image and a description. At the moment we will deal directly with the questions. Click "Add question" to get started.

When adding a question, you can choose the question type: multiple choice, a text, a rating, or a date / time. When you click on the three dots at the end, you also have the option of adding a ranking, a Likert scale or a question to the Net Promoter Score.

We go with a multiple-choice question. Click on "Selections" to open a new multiple-choice question.

Add the question, and then add the options you want. We kept the two defaults, but we asked the question so people have to decide. In Forms, there is no option to save as your data is automatically saved. If you want people to be able to select more than one of the answers you list, you can choose the Multiple Replies option.

When you're done, you can skip the question to see how it will look to people filling it. (Note the red star, which means anyone who fills out the form will be asked to answer this question.)

Click "Add Question" Add another question and Continue until you have added all the questions you need. Click on the "Preview" option in the upper right-hand menu to display the entire questionnaire as it is displayed by your users and enter answers to see if it works as expected.

If you want to change the setting Click on the "Theme" option and select either a monochrome image or a background image. If you want to use a custom image for the background, there is an image upload button in the lower right corner.

Before sharing your form with other people, there are some additional settings that you can access Click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the page and then click "Preferences" in the menu. ,

The only preference option is enabled by default: Accept Answers. This means that you share them In the questionnaire with people you can fill it out.

In the other settings, you can choose a start and end date for the time when people are allowed to fill out the form, or if they are randomly mixed, the order of questions for each person who opens them, whether you receive an e-mail notification when someone completes the questionnaire and the option to customize the default Thanksgiving message that users see when they complete the questionnaire. Change these settings to your liking and you can approve your questionnaire.

Click Share on the top right of the page. This gives you four ways to share the questionnaire with people:

  • A link you can copy (default)
  • A QR code that you can download as a .png file.
  • An HTML tag where you can embed a web page
  • An email with the link

If you work in an office that uses Office 365, you may have additional options that allow you to share the questionnaire only with people in your organization. Select the desired option and share your questionnaire with people!

Viewing Responses to Your Form

When users fill out your questionnaire, you want to see the answers. Assuming that you've spent some time studying other things, log back into Forms and you'll see your questionnaire on the home page.

Click on it and then on the "Responses" tab.

You can view the individual answers by clicking "Show results" or you can export all the answers to Excel.

If you want to view a summary or delete existing answers, click on the three dots and choose from the menu.

These are the basics for creating your questionnaire in Microsoft Forms. There are additional functions to create a quiz and branch (with different questions based on answers from the respondent) if you want to explore more, but for most people, this introduction covers what you need.

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