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To create a website from your phone

Many people connected to the Internet only have a smartphone without a PC. While some libraries and Internet cafes offer free PC access, it's easier if you can access the tools you need at all times. When you start a website, the services we will be talking about are fully functional mobile web apps that allow you to create, publish, and edit your website entirely from your phone.

The good part If you do everything online, your work will be saved with the service you use. So, if you need to make more detailed changes to a public computer, you can sign in to your account and continue working.


The GoDaddy website builder works directly from its website. You have many topics available – you can edit any part of it – and have a preview of the mobile and desktop version of the site. Do not expect a full customization or an extraordinary mobile experience, but it's pretty easy to make your website look the way you want with a few tweaks.

You can edit any item to change the style, add new sections to each page, and set multiple pages with a menu bar at the top.

You even have a pretty simple blog solution for easily updating content that can be placed on a separate page.


WordPress is the king of online blogs. Perfect for websites that need regularly updated content, and they also have a mobile editor. The standard design is simple and clean, but can be customized or replaced with a different WordPress design. Managing pages is easy and the Post Editor is great for mobile apps.

Publishing your site is also easy. We had a basic blog that was set up and running in less than ten minutes.

They provide basic hosting and a free .wordpress.com domain. The free site will be provided with WordPress. If you pay for a plan, this branding will be removed and you will receive a premium domain.


Weebly's mobile editor uses a native app that you can download from the app or Google Play Store. This means you can edit your website while you're offline, and then publish the changes when you get back online. They focus on eCommerce and are free for simple websites. However, you have to pay monthly if you want to sell products on your website.

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