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To create letter curves in Microsoft Word

If you want to add a little flair or flow text with the curve of another element (such as a clip art or logo), it's pretty easy to curve your letters along a path in Word. [19659002] First, click "Paste" in the main Word window.

In the text options, click WordArt.

Select the style you want to use for your WordArt. You can choose between simple-looking text and something super-fancy.

Enter your text in the newly selected WordArt field.

If your new WordArt is still selected In the main Word window, click Format.

Click the "Text Effects" button.

Click Transform on the drop-down menu. [19659002]

For your text to follow a curved path, select one of the options in the Follow Path section of the menu. You can choose whether you want to make your text up, down or curved all around.

Click to make your selection, and you will see that your text is automatically curved in the desired direction. 19659002]

If you want to play with the degree of your curve, drag the orange dot.

Moving the alignment of the orange dot fits the curve of your text. You can even use it to turn your text upside down. You'll need to play a bit with the format and the adjustments to make the text curl as you like, especially if you try to match it to another object.

If you want your text to return to normal without curves, go back to the Text Effects menu and click "No Transformation."

That's the only way your text is back to normal.

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