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To download apps that are no longer in your phone's App Store

Smartphone app stores are well established at this point, and as new apps become available, it also means the inevitable: sometimes apps go away. What can you do when your favorites disappear.

Why are apps disappearing?

Before we talk about how you can get apps that are no longer available for download on your phone's app store, let's first talk about why apps talk first.

In general, this is a call from the developer. The app is pulled because it no longer supports it. A typical example: Epic Games has recently removed all versions of Infinity Blade from the iOS App Store. The company claimed it lacked resources to support the games "at a level that meets the current standards of 1

9459022." If that makes sense, it makes sense to do something, it can be right.

Often as not, so it goes. The app will be more annoying than worth supporting, its features will be moved to another app by the same developer (and no redundancy is required), or the developer will be completely disbanded.

The good news is that the app is not looking for you for one of these reasons, you should still be able to download it if you've previously downloaded it (this is especially true for paid apps). That said, it's worth noting that the App Store company itself – Apple in the case of the iOS App Store or Google for the Play Store – has been removed. If they pulled it, there's a good reason why you can not count on just getting it back.

If the app is no longer in the App Store, it's easiest to get it back for both Android devices or iOS devices.

How to Download Apps That Are No Longer Available on the iOS App Store

If you're an iOS user, your options are pretty limited – you need to retrieve your apps from the App Store. Fortunately, if you've purchased or downloaded an app that's no longer available, you'll still be able to use it.

First, launch the App Store, and then tap the account icon in the upper-right corner.

Tap on "Purchased" from there.

To view all apps that are not already on your phone or iPad (which is likely to happen when you try to drag tap on "Not on this iPhone / iPad").


From there, you can scroll through the list to find the app you want to install, and then click on the little cloud icon on the right to download it Easy peasy.

How to load Download apps that are no longer available on Google Play

While you have only one option to download outdated apps on iOS, there are several ways to do it on Android: Get it from Google Play Store or download the APK and download the app, the first is the most straightforward way, the latter offers the ability to install apps completely removed from Google Play.

How to Install Google Play Remote Apps [19659018] First, open the Play Store and then tap the three rows on the top left (in the search box).

Select "My Apps & Games" there.

Once this menu opens Select "Library". It lists all the apps you've ever downloaded from Google Play.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to search this list, so if you're looking for it In an older app, it could take a while to scroll.

The good news is that you have another option: loading the APK from the page.

How to Download Apps That Are No Longer on Google Play [19659018]

Browsing a crazy list of apps can cause great pain. In this case, it may be easier to load the pages app.

If you have never loaded an app before you want to watch our entire tutorial. It's not a complicated process, but how you do it depends on which version of Android your phone is running on.

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If you have already downloaded apps and just need a good place to find something that is no longer in use Play Store is located. APK Mirror is your answer. It's the best place on the internet to load Android apps. It's a trusted source that only contains free apps (there are no pirated apps on APK Mirror) and every app is legitimate. It is also worth mentioning that there are some versions of some apps, depending on the model of your phone and the hardware details. If you are not sure which APK you should install, you should check this primer.

For example, if you want to install Skitch (a now-defunct Evernote app), you should specify the following: You simply need to purchase the APK Mirror APK and install it on your device using the instructions above. Nothing!

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