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To enable Zen mode on your OnePlus 7 Pro to curb your smartphone addiction «OnePlus :: Gadget hacks

In times of smartphones, we all know very well how easily we can become dependent on our devices. Spend hours browsing through Facebook and other social media sites just because we feel we miss something when we do not. Both Google and Apple are aware of this and are trying to control the addition of smartphones for Android and iOS in their own way.

OnePlus, on the other hand, has developed its own solution called "Zen Mode". "Zen mode is a slightly different approach than Google's Digital Wellbeing or Apple's Screen Time currently offered to users, with minimal set-up and maintenance, and certain apps can not be ruled out ̵

1; all notifications will be stopped and all apps will be stopped Exception of the camera locked for exactly 20 minutes.

The cool thing about Zen mode is that when you start it, it becomes a "challenger" and can not be turned off until the 20-minute time limit elapses Rule set, all notifications will be muted within that time, but you can still make and receive calls to and from emergency contacts, giving you enough time to relax, much like a yoga session for your phone.

Step 1: Enabling Zen Mode Setting

You must manually enable Zen Mode because it can not be rotated. By default, e activated in the specified schedule. The key benefit of this feature is that you can take a short break from your phone if you feel it's overdoing it. Since this is the central requirement for Zen mode, it does not necessarily have to be activated automatically.

If you're using the default OnePlus starter for the requirements of your home screen, you might be familiar with the shelf option. It includes a variety of unique features and settings that OnePlus has placed in one place for ease of use. To access the shelf function, simply swipe right from the left side of the screen. This will take you to the main page where all your rack settings are located.

Now tap on the option icon in the top right corner, tap "More" in the "Tools" section and then set the "Zen mode" safe "button is on Press the back arrow twice To return to the main page of the shelf, scroll down to see the "Zen Mode" card, tap the card to open a new screen that explains what the card can do for you Click on "Go" and then on "Start" to continue.

Step 2: Enable the Quick Settings Icon

To enable Zen Mode from the Quick Settings panel, swipe just twice from the top of the screen to the bottom, the pencil-shaped edit icon to change the layout for the quick settings, or you can swipe down with two fingers to get there in one gesture. [19659002] In edit mode, scroll through the list and find Zen mode. Symbol. Hold down the icon and drag it anywhere near the top of the Quick Settings. Now press the back arrow and you will be returned to the main window, where you should see the Zen Mode option. Now you can easily access Zen mode from anywhere!

Step 3: Check Settings

When you tap the Options icon in the top right corner of the Zen Mode main screen, you'll see some basic but useful settings. You can display a notification reminder if your smartphone is used continuously for X hours. You are not automatically forced to use Zen mode when your time is up. However, you are kindly reminded to take a break from your phone.

Also note that you can see some fast statistics. Use Zen mode from the main screen as well. Tapping the bar chart icon in the top right corner of the settings icon will take you to the Statistics page. Here you can see some details of your time in Zen mode that can be useful to develop a better digital lifestyle for yourself.

Step 4: Do taking a break from your phone

After setting up Zen mode and quickly accessing it through your shelf or the Quick Settings window, it's up to you to follow a healthy digital lifestyle. The idea is to take a short 20-minute break if you feel like you're wasting too much time on the phone for pointless things. "Lockout" should hopefully force you to hang up the phone and do something else.

Fear of failure keeps us connected to our smartphones at a time when we are always connected – I think many can relate to it. The very idea of ​​being "out of the loop" even for one day makes us addicted in the first place. With the right attitude and the right game plan, you can turn that smartphone addiction into something manageable that you can easily handle every day. Good luck!

Cover Picture and Screenshots of Stephen Perkins / Gadget Hacks

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