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To prepare your digital life for your death

Ensuring that your loved ones have access to your financial information is important, but what about social media? Obtaining profiles may seem trivial, but our lives are increasingly being lived online, so those accounts around the 2019 version of physical photo albums, letters, and other memorabilia slimmed-down versions of your profile will be active after you die (hopefully not before). A committed account displays a banner in your profile stating that you have died. Remove your account from public search results and disable birthday reminders. Friends will still be able to post messages to your timeline if allowed in the privacy settings.

To set up your old contact, go to your Settings page and under "Manage Account" click "Edit". In the box that appears, enter the name of the person you want to use as an old contact and click Add.

Note: This must be a person you are already friends with on Facebook. You can tell them that they have been selected or not. You are added as an old contact, regardless of whether you send them a message or not.

An older contact can accept new friend requests, change your profile and cover picture, and write a set message as soon as it's saved. To remember an account, someone has to connect directly to Facebook by navigating to this page.

While a reminder account can be enrolled, only the person designated as a trusted partner before the contact's death is granted access. Facebook will not appoint any old contacts afterwards.

You may also choose to disable your account after death. Under Manage Account, scroll to "Request Account Deletion."

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