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To prevent apps from tracking your location in Android or iOS

  Android and iOS location tracking
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Location and movement data is sought after by all types of businesses. Advertisers want to find exactly the right population group in the right place, retailers want to know which stores you visit and how they relate to them. Many companies are keen to use big data to win nuggets that they can sell to anyone willing to pay.

Although location tracking data is often anonymized prior to sale, it can reveal an alarming amount of information about your activities. It's not just about where you shop, it's everywhere you go. This can be anything from a prenatal clinic visit to an AA meeting, revealing potentially sensitive details about your life.

If you care about your privacy or simply In a sense, you can take steps to prevent apps tracking your location. How to prevent location tracking of apps on Android or iOS.

Find out which apps have access to location data.

It's best to first check the apps on your phone that have access to location information. There are legitimate reasons for many apps to track your location. Therefore, be aware that locking access to location tracking may cause some apps to malfunction. For example, a navigation app like Google Maps is not nearly as useful if it does not know where you are.

Preventing Location Detection on an Android Phone

If you have an Android device If you want to disable site tracking completely, it is easy to do so, even though the exact directions vary from phone to phone.

Go to Google Pixel 3 Settings> Security & Location> Location and Toggle Use location off.

Switch to a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Settings> Connections> Location and turn it off.

On a Huawei P20 Pro, go to Settings> Security and Privacy> Location Services and disable access to my location .

This will disable all site tracking so that no apps will be able to access your location. This also means that Google can not theoretically track or save your location. However, there are indications that this will be the case anyway. You may still receive ads based on the location of your IP address.

Turning off the location completely also means that you can not track your phone if it's lost. You can not see or share your location on Google Maps. and some other services and apps may not work the way they would otherwise.

Another setting to keep in mind when restricting Google tracking is your web and app activity . For complete instructions on how to control and delete searches and search activities, sometimes including location, go to Google.

How to Restrict Specific Apps in Android

If You Opt Out of Site Tracking Disabling Overall If you go too far, you can still disable certain apps that you do not want site access to. The instructions may vary slightly depending on the phone.

For example, go to a Pixel Settings> Apps & Notifications> Advanced> App Permissions> Location Samsung Galaxy, Settings> Apps> Menu (three dots top right)> App Permissions > Location .

On a Huawei phone, it is Settings> Apps and Notifications> Permissions> Your Location .

Review the list and disable everything you prefer, unable to track your location.

How to Prevent Location Tracking on an iPhone

Things are a little easier on iOS. If you wish to turn off location tracking on your iPhone, or restrict only certain apps, you must go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services where you can toggle the location Services completely off.

Remember, this has some implications. Services and apps like "Maps" and "Search My iPhone" may be too far. Note, however, that Location Services can be reactivated on the device when it is in Lost mode. You can put your iPhone in the Lost mode via the iCloud.

Settings> Privacy> Location Services also displays a list of apps that have location data and you can tap and tap to allow access to your location Never [1

9659025] While using the app or Always .

What about the already recorded location data?

19659007] Now that you have prevented various apps and services from tracking your location in the future, you might be wondering if you can delete the location data that companies have already collected about their movement.

If you have an Android phone, then you can ask Google to clear your location history. Just follow this link, make sure you're signed in to your Google Account, and tap the red Delete location list button. Remember that the information is permanently deleted and you can not get it back.

If you own an iPhone, go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services and scroll to find System Services > Major Locations then tap History delete below. Apple claims that this information is encrypted and can not be read by Apple, so this may not be necessary.

As for the location data collected from other companies about the apps you use, there's no easy way to find out what's happening or clearing it. You can first refer to the privacy policies of the organization and contact them. However, it is very likely that they have already sold your data and have no legal obligation to help you in the US.

If you are in the European Union, you have a legal right to request and insist that a copy of the information collected about you by a company, including location data, be deleted. For more information about your rights and how to request data, see the UK Information Commissioner's Office Handbook.

To protect your privacy, we recommend using one of the best Android VPN apps or the best iPhone VPN apps.

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