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To prevent your blender from splashing

Alina Bradford

If you use your blender, this does not have to be the norm. The best tip to avoid mistakes when using a Blender is that you start at low speed and work at a higher speed.

If you're like me, you still make a mess no matter how careful you are. I tried different ways to reduce spatter and found two ways that work well.

The bowl cover

The easiest way is to cover the blender and bowl with a kitchen towel . This works well, but if you mix something that may cause stains, such as berries or turnips, your towel may be ruined.

Making a lid

The solution to the problem of contamination is to make a lid for the blender. Simply cut a hole in a plastic lid that is larger than your blender bowl and place it on the bowl while mixing. You can use an old plastic lid that has lost its container, or you can recycle a lid from a thrift store for just a few cents.

Cut the hole with kitchen scissors, as ordinary craft scissors are usually not strong enough to cut plastic. You want the hole to be approximately 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) in diameter so that the mixing mechanism has enough room to rotate while covering the bowl opening as much as possible.

You can not pull your whisk through the hole in the lid, so you need to insert the attachment through the hole in the lid and then attach it to the mixer.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on March 1

8, 2016 and has been updated.

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