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To report a problem or send feedback about Chrome OS

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You must report an issue with using your Chromebook. Or would you like some feedback to improve Chrome OS? Reporting a problem or sending feedback is a simple process that explains the following:

There are two ways to report a problem on your Chromebook: ask for help in the Google Central forum and have a problem directly with Google Report to. Getting help in the forum is helpful if you are looking for help with a problem from an actual person. However, if you submit your issue directly to Google, it will be in case the issue is not serious and you are not looking for a direct answer with a potential fix that could help you immediately.

To report a problem

If you want to report a problem with your Chromebook, you should take some steps before sending anything. This due diligence prevents oversaturation of similar problems and makes it impossible for team members to search legitimate questions.

Visit the Chromebook Central Forum ̵

1; an active, searchable community where users can discuss bugs and feature requests. and see if someone else has experienced the same problem as you. You can use the search bar above to restrict the results of other users.

 Use the search bar to browse the forums

Often, someone has already encountered the problem they are encountering When you search the forum, you will find an answer.

If you do not find what you need, then it's time to ask a question about the problem you're having in the forum. Here, product experts and other knowledgeable Chromebooks can live and help you iron out any kinks.

Scroll to the bottom of the Chromebook Central page and click "Ask Now" to get started


Then enter a question in the appropriate box and click on Continue".

 Ask a Question or Describe Your Problem [19659003] If you have avoided the preliminary step of searching the forums for similar issues, you will be prompted in the form with some related questions that have already been asked were. Click on one of the links to redirect to this page.

 Previous search not possible? Do not worry, you'll get some suggestions if it has already been answered.

If these do not apply to you and your issue, select a category for your question and the channel from Chrome operating system you're running, then click Next.

 Select a category, select your operating system channel and click Next

There is no need to enter a category and operating system channel, but it can help The community answers your question much faster.

Finally, enter all details and information about your issue in the appropriate box, and use the paperclip icon to attach any images that might be helpful. Make sure "subscribe to updates" is turned on. You will therefore receive notifications when users respond, close reCAPTCHA and click Post.

 Describe your problem in more detail, add photos, and click ]

If you provide as much information as possible in the box above, anyone who answers you can know exactly what you ask. If you avoid this, it may be that someone asks you for more information, that the process is delayed further, or that nobody answers your problem. If you receive "Subscribe to updates," you will receive an email when someone answers your question.

Sending Feedback Reports

Feedback reports are one of the key mechanisms that Chrome OS users can use to provide feedback about the project. The information provided here is often not answered individually, but examined and used to improve future versions of Chrome OS.

You can send feedback or information about a problem directly from the operating system. All you have to do is press Alt + Shift + I on your keyboard, and a window will appear prompting you to fill in some information.

In this window, you should provide a detailed description of your feedback or, if it is a problem, try to recreate the problem and the required steps to reproduce the problem (if it is for this problem) is of concern), your e-mail (or you can submit anonymously) and any files that may be helpful in diagnosing your problem. Optionally, the function will take a screenshot and log the system and app information when you press the command. However, they are only added when you click the boxes next to each item. Finally click on "Send" to send the problem.

 Describe the operations, enter your e-mail address, attach all files, select the screenshot and system information, and then click Submit

On This Wise submitted, they are not publicly available and are usually not individually reviewed. Do not expect a response when sending feedback / reports using this method. To submit a public report that could be answered and resolved more quickly, go back to the Chromebook Central forum and ask a new question.

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