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To reset a Galaxy S9

Although the Galaxy S9 used to be Samsung's flagship smartphone, it's still prone to occasional bugs. If you find that your phone is running slower than it did when you first unzipped it, or if you want to sell your device, consider resetting it to the factory defaults.

A soft or hard reset resolves malware problems or issues Correct corrupted data on your device. Follow the steps below to get your S9 up and running again.

To reset a Galaxy S9:

Resetting turns off the phone's power for a brief moment as if the battery has been removed. Then reinsert it (which is useful as you have the battery of a battery) Galaxy S9 can not really take). Soft reset is a handy way to give the S9 a metaphorical kick when it freezes, malfunctions, or otherwise stops responding. Best of all, this approach does not delete any of your data. If you restart your phone, you should still have access to all your data.

Step 1

: Search for the Volume down and Power buttons . If you are new to the S9, the on / off switch is located in the top right corner of the phone. The volume buttons are located in the upper-left corner of the screen above the Bixby button (the button that calls the Samsung Voice Assistant).

Step 2 : Hold down the volume and power buttons simultaneously. Position your hands so that you can both press firmly for about 10 seconds. If your phone is idle and rebooting, you can share it.

Step 3 : Wait until the S9 is completely rebooted. If necessary, log in again and check if the phone is working. If you are currently in an email or conversation, you may need to restart it. Try to return to what you did when your phone was frozen. If the S9 freezes again, you may need to delete this app or take additional troubleshooting steps to find out what's going wrong.

How to Reset a Galaxy S9 to Factory Defaults (Hard Reset)

A hard reset will reboot your S9 to factory defaults – the status your phone was in when it was first used have related. Hard-resets are rarely needed but can serve multiple purposes. Some hard-fixes are the last resort for a phone with serious malware problems or data corruption. The process is also used to prepare the phone for resale or to pass it on. We'll show you how to do it, even if you can not get your phone to respond at all.

Do not be confused with a soft reset and a hard reset! A hard reset erases all data on your phone. These include downloads, contacts, pictures, and everything else except SIM and SD card data. This is a very permanent process.

Pre-factory reset protection

If you cold-start to sell or give away your S9, you'll also need to make sure your Google Account is no longer connected to the phone. Pre-factory reset protection is designed to prevent thieves from using your phone. You will also need to enter your Google Account information after a factory reset. To remove it before you begin the hard reset:

Go to Settings> Cloud and Accounts > Accounts> Google and then tap ] Menu and select Remove account.

This will disconnect your Google Account from the phone and may be used successfully by another person.

How to reset a Galaxy S9 to factory settings.

If your Galaxy S9 is responding, you can easily reset it to factory settings by following these steps:

Step 1 : Go to Settings and scroll down General Administration .

Step 2 : Select Backup and Restore and then Reset .

Step 3 : Tap Reset factory data then scroll down to Reset then Clear all .

Step 4 : You Gal axy S9 automatically deletes all data, resets it, and restarts it.

How to reset a non-responsive Galaxy S9 to factory settings

If your Galaxy S9 is frozen and you can not get it to start up, you can still try it A factory reset with these steps:

Step 1 : Find the button louder and the button Bixby button on your S9. The volume buttons are located on the left side of the phone, and the Bixby button is just below it.

Step 2 : Keep the buttons louder and Bixby pressed buttons at the same time. Hold it down and hold down the power key on the right side of the phone. If all three buttons are now held together, your phone's screen should be blank and then an Android logo will be displayed. This is the character to release the three keys.

Step 3 : The phone now displays an update screen. Wait patiently, sometimes up to a minute, until the screen changes to the Android System Restore menu. You can control this menu with the buttons louder and louder and make a selection with the button on / off .

Step 4 : Scroll down the menu until you find Clear Data / Factory Defaults (one of the blue options on the screen). Highlight this option and press the On / Off button to select it. You get a big red warning that this step can not be undone. If you are sure, select Yes and select it again with the buttons Volume and On / Off . Your phone will now be reset to factory settings.

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