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To select the information to synchronize in Chrome

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Google has recently changed the way you view your synced data in Chrome. However, you can still save and sync bookmarks, passwords, themes, extensions, and more with your Google Account wherever you happen to be. To choose what to sync across all your devices.

Enable syncing for Google Chrome

To get started with the benefits of syncing information to your devices, you'll need to sign in from anywhere and turn on syncing for Google Chrome.

  Sign in to enable synchronization with Chrome.

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Choosing what to sync

Saving Google Chrome and syncing everything from your browser if you've signed in through your Google Account. For example, if you want to log in to a school or work computer and access all the bookmarks, saved passwords, extensions, and settings available on your PC, this is a great feature.

If you do not opt ​​for Chrome's full sync process, you can restrict the storage of some information to your account.

After signing in to Chrome with your Google Account, it's time to do so Select what information should be stored and synced to your browser.

Start Chrome, click your profile picture, and then click Sync With. You can also type chrome: // settings / people the omnibox and hit enter.

 Click on your profile picture and then

. Under the People heading, click Sync and Google services.

 Click Sync and Google Services

Then click "Manage Sync." [19659] 010]  Click Manage Synchronization

RELATED: Disable the new ad blocker from Chrome (on any or all sites) [19659010] On the next screen Everything that is stored in your account and synced to all your devices is listed below. By default, Sync All is enabled. To manually switch the information you want to sync to Chrome, you must first disable Sync All and then disable all other options by toggling the switch on the opposite side.

 To manually change what information is synchronized, click Synchronize All First, then click the options you do not want to save.

If you want to use the same settings on each device that you log in to, leave Sync All enabled.

Any changes made are automatically saved and you can close the tab when you're done.

That's all that goes with it. Once the changes have been made, all disabled information will no longer be stored in your Google Account and devices.

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