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To send an iPhone or iPad app as a gift

The iOS App Store includes a feature that lets you give apps to other users. You can even add a personalized message and schedule delivery of the gift at a specific time. That's how it's done.

To give away an app, open the App Store and search for the app you want to send. In the search results, tap the app's name or icon ̵

1; do not touch the app's price (which applies to your account).

 Tap Search   Find the app you want to give.

In the description of the app, tap the ellipse on the right and then on "Gift App".

 Tap the ellipse   Tap "Share" Gift "

Enter the email address where you want to send the gift, your name and a message If you want to set the date on which the message is sent, scroll down a little and then tap "Today." Adjust the date as needed, tap the check mark, and then tap "Next." .

 Fill in the box form   Change the delivery date of the gift

Swipe left and right to select a theme for the virtual gift card, and when you have found the right one, tap Click Next.

 Select the topic of the email

Confirm your purchase by tapping "Buy" in the upper right corner. After you have clicked "Buy", change the button in "Buy Now." Tap it to chew fdetails to confirm.

 Tap Buy   Tap Buy Now

Enter the password for iTunes an account and tap "OK."

 Enter your iCloud password.

Finally tap on "Done". The gift will be sent to your thankful recipient on the day you selected.

 Tap Done

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