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To view all apps purchased from the Mac App Store

  Mac App Store

The Mac App Store is in the middle of a revival. Apple is focusing on both him and the apps that have been around since the release of macOS Mojave in 2018. Would you like to use more? How to find all your apps.

It's easy to forget that the Mac App Store has been around for a while, with few people using it for several reasons. For one thing, it was just a terrible app, and for another, developers either never sold their apps through the Mac App Store or removed them after they determined that either the financial or technological issues they were facing were a hassle not worth it.

With macOS Mojave, Apple has tried to change that by helping large apps connect to the Mac App Store while giving it a handsome touch. There is much more editorial attention within Apple as well, with regular apps to increase revenue. This is great for developers and ultimately for customers. This means that for the first time in a while you will want to re-enter the Mac App Store, and if so, you will also need to download your old apps.

Where exactly do you do that? The? It's weird that you should ask …

Where to find all your apps, including free apps

Everything you've previously downloaded from the Mac App Store, whether it's something that you have purchased or were free, you will find in the same window space in the newly designed Mac App Store. It's a treasure trove of everything you've probably forgotten about, but it's easy to find if you know where to go spelunking.

To get started, open the App Store on your Mac and click on the icon that represents your Apple ID. You may need to enter your Apple ID password to continue.

 Click on your account logo

Here is a list of all downloaded apps. If you want to download one again, click the cloud icon next to it. If it is already installed, you can also open it here.

 Click to Download or Open

If you use family sharing, you can choose a family member in which all purchases appear as good.

 Click on your name to select another family member.

And that's all that goes with it. Now it's time to buy some of the great apps on the Mac App Store.

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