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To watch the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 online (without cable)

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The FIFA Women's World Cup 201

9 starts on Friday, June 7, and lasts until Sunday, July 7. If you want to track the games without cables, you have options – depending on where you live. Here's how you watch.

When you log on to cable television

Fox transmits all the games of the tournament. If you have cable TV, you can watch the games on the Fox and FS1 channels. The full schedule of games (and the Fox channel they air on) can be found on the Fox website.

You can also watch the games on your mobile device with the Fox Sports app.

If you do not have cable TV sign-in

If you do not have cable TV sign-in, you can stream the games online. The catch is that you still need to get them through a streaming service that includes Fox and FS1. Fortunately, there are the most popular streaming services, including Sling, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue.

You are not sure which to choose? Do not worry, we offer a comprehensive overview of which TV streaming app is right for you.

In addition, most of these services offer a reduced trial period so you can at least try them first. Since no long-term contracts are required, you can always sign up for a month, play your football, and then cancel your subscription.

Problems with the circumvention of geographic restrictions? Use a VPN

Whether you are traveling from your home country or living in a place where ridiculous restrictions exist, the solution to circumventing restrictions is always to use a VPN that looks like it would you come from another place. Our VPN recommendations are as follows:

  • ExpressVPN: This VPN option is incredibly fast, easy to use and has very user-friendly clients for every platform.
  • StrongVPN: This VPN is not quite This is user-friendly, but it works very fast and is usually helpful in overcoming limitations because it is not that well-known.

In general, the ability to work around the limitations of moving the VPN server to another country that has access to the Internet Web site that you want to view is generally one way. If it is still blocked, try another server. Both options offer free trials, so you do not have to pay for something that does not work for you.

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