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Top 5 Definitive Ways to Hack A Cell Phone with Just Their Number


Different methods are being introduced when it comes to hacking a cell phone with having a cell phone number for quite some time. Picking the right tool is not easy as there are unlimited options waiting for you to appeal or to trap.

One who has some know-how about such tools can save oneself from this trouble of choosing the wrong solution but when it comes to a newbie then the person is more prone to the trap. He or she doesn’t know what to pick and what’s the right solution to pick from.

If you are in search of a right solution then this is the best place for you to look at the information. We have made a small list of the 5 top ways through which you can hack a cell phone with just a cell number, so just read this information till the end and choose your favorite.

. Spyier

The top app in the list of hacking tools that help you in spying on a cell phone with only a number is Spyier. This one is really good and comes along with unlimited functions that not many other apps offer in such amazing pricing plans.

Spyier users can hack someone’s phone with just number as the commands are really simple to follow. You can use this app without having any technical information about dealing hacking tools as it has very simple instructions to follow.

To use this tool for iPhone there is no need to touch the spied phone in any way. Everything is done remotely and you will be able to gain complete access to the target device easily. Here only iCloud account details of the spied iPhone will be required.

If you need to gain access to an android then you need to install the app first and let it work in the background. This app is really small in size and doesn’t drain the battery so everything is safe with Spyier. We can say that this review of Spyier would be really good and helpful for you. 

Remember that this is the only time when you need to touch the phone physically and after that everything is done from a safe distance. Within a few minutes you will be able to gain access to the target Android phone easily with only having their number.

Spyier deals with every function in stealth-mode and that’s why there is no need to be anxious about being caught for spying. This is kind of a safe zone so for the user everything gets really simple and easy.

Apart from hacking the cell phone this app gives you access to each and every single detail of the spied phone within a few clicks. You can read text messages, see multimedia accounts and files, keep track of call logs, see contact numbers, names, check browser history, track location whether it is current or previous.

Users can also check social media profiles of the target device including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and many others. There is nothing that Spyier doesn’t reveal as it reveals passwords of social media accounts as well with the help of it’s keylogger.

Spyier’s web-based interface allows you to utilize this app with the help of any browser. You don’t have to use any certain kind to use this application, as it’s friendly in-built system is compatible with any kind.

To track the location of the target phone you have to mark a few places on a map and whenever the spied phone crosses those marked spots you will receive an alert. Their customer support service is really good and helpful as they work 24/7 for the sake of your ease.

When it comes to pricing then you will not find any deal better than this one. Spyier offers multiple subscription plans for the user to pick from. You can select the one that comes up to the needs of your hacking. You can also use a one month free subscription plan first before going for the paid version.

On the official web-page there is a live demo for the users so if you still have any doubts then you can check that out for the sake of better understanding of the app.

2. Minspy

Another hacking tool that gives you access to the spied phone whether it is iOS or Android. It works in stealth mode and that’s the reason hacking is safe with this tool. Minspy offers multiple subscription plans for users that are really affordable for everyone.

This app is really good when it comes to functioning and features. You will not find any other app better than this one if your main priority is privacy. Just visit the official website of Sminspy and you will see different subscription plans there. Just pick the one that suits your hacking needs.

3. Spyine

This tool is really good and user-friendly as it works for both android and iOS. Spyine works in stealth-mode and that’s why there is no need to be bothered about being caught for hacking as everything is 100% safe with this monitoring device.

This app is really easy to use so in case you are new to such tools then you would not mind using 

Spyine as the commands are really simple to follow for all of us. Spyine is really cost-effective and anyone can use this app without wasting money.

4. Spyic

This is the second last hacking app that works for all kinds of operating systems. This one is really easy to use and the pricing plans are amazing for all of us to afford. There is also a one month free trial so you can enjoy that one before moving forward for the paid version.

Spyic is 100% safe for everyone to use as it works in stealth-mode. Your privacy is their main priority so no need to be worried about being caught for hacking. It works for both iOS and Android equally well. For former you only need an iCloud account details of the spied phone.

When it comes to later then just install the app in the spied device and let it run in the background. You will see the app working behind the screen and the icon will be removed from the front. 

5. Neatspy

This is the last hacking app that came to the surface not a long time ago. It has amazing features that speak for itself. You will not find anything better than this tool when it comes to pricing and high quality performance.

Neatspy is user-friendly and deals with both Android and iOS operating systems. It is a 100% genuine application that is legal to use in case you think that you will get in trouble because of using it.


We hope that all the above apps would be enough for you in choosing the best one according to your hacking needs and budget. Just visit the official we-pages of all these apps and let us know about your experience with your favorite one. We hope that you will find all of them really good in performance and easily usable for your needs. Don’t waste more of your time and go for it now.