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Top tech gadgets that will not burden your wallet.

What is a Christmas stocking without something that beeps or buzzes?

It's this time of year when the playful and the hands-on team come together in the form of glorious gadgets. Here is the list of the best tech gifts from Senior Planet that you can buy for $ 50 or less. All these products can be bought conveniently from the couch. Almost everything on our list has transgenerational appeal, and we will not say if you buy an extra for yourself.

The Bluetooth Beanie

For the podcast fan in your family or just if you want to Go down the street and make a phone call with handsfree while keeping your ears warm. You need to get a hat with built-in Bluetooth speakers. This Amazon is available in 29 different designs is machine washable if you take the headphones out of your pocket. A UBS charger is included.

The Photo Stick

Her best friend is a figurehead that records every holiday and family reunion, but is a royal feature for securing her pictures. Enter The Photo Stick, an 8GB USB flash drive that offers the magical ability to locate and back up all the photos and videos on your computer's computer with one click. Works on Windows or Mac and discards duplicates to avoid wasting space. Available for $ 29.99 .

Luci Lux

This inflatable solar lantern is marketed to campers as emergency lighting, but is just as practical in a bathtub, a pool, or in the nightstand bathtub. Lay it for seven hours on a sunny window sill or on the porch, and you will receive 24 hours of bright light. It only takes a minute to blow up the lantern, but it is flat in the package. This makes them a space-saving gift when you fly to your vacation destination. This "green" gift – good for your ecologically most conscientious Giftee – has four light settings, one of which flickers like candlelight. Other versions are available in several colors. On Amazon for $ 19.75.

Monocular Telescope for Smartphones

Here's a great bird watcher on your list. This one-lens telescope is attached to your smartphone with a rubber grip and sits directly on the camera of the phone with 12x magnification. Not only can you tell if it's a purple finch or a house finch that is on that distant branch, but you can also take a picture of it. The telescope is waterproof and shockproof and costs $ 29.99 at Amazon.

And to complete the holidays, your gifts can arrive until Christmas with free shipping if you shop on the day of free shipping (details here at participating merchants), which falls on December 14 of that year. Would you like to know more? Look here.

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