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Transform the camera section of your Galaxy S10 into a battery indicator «Android :: Gadget Hacks

The camera's punch hole on the S10 has made our creative juices flow more than one notch would ever allow. First, we saw wallpapers that served to camouflage or even accentuate the clipping. If you now go in the opposite direction and want to highlight the camera opening of the S10, there is an app that makes it a circular battery meter.

As the name implies, the Energy Ring app overlays a battery status ring around the front camera. The neckline of the S10 and S10e creates a unique and colorful appearance that will surely attract attention. It is not yet available for the S10 +, but support will follow soon. You can change the color, width, and animations of the ad to better fit your style. It is also worth noting that the app is very battery-friendly, as the developer explains:

Energy Ring sits silently on the screen and charges the CPU almost 0%. When the battery level changes, Android Energy Ring wakes up. After waking up, Energy Ring refreshes quickly and falls asleep again. And to be even more efficient, the ring is put into deep sleep when the screen is turned off, ie it does not even read the battery charge when the screen is off.

– XDA-Developers

Before you start to turn on, you know that the app is still in beta at the time of writing. You may experience problems when opening the app to make adjustments. In other words, if you do not care about a few trifles, this already serves its purpose.

Step 1: Install Energy Ring

You must first download the Energy Ring App from IJP. The app can be installed for free. Either go to the Play Store or just tap the link below to get hold of it and tap "Open" once it has been successfully installed and continue to the next step.

Step 2: Set Up Energy Ring

After opening the energy ring, you will be guided through a brief introduction and setup process. Follow the instructions. Make sure you grant him the necessary permissions, namely notification access. After that, a colored battery status ring automatically appears around the camera section of your S10.

Step 3: Adjusting Energy Ring

Energy Ring contains numerous elements that make you more personal Can adjust the appearance. You can adjust the thickness of the battery ring by pulling the bar directly under "Ring Thickness" until you get the desired result.

You also have the option to "automatically hide on full-screen apps." We recommend activation to avoid distractions in games and videos. You can even choose from a large number of available animations, even though the default setting of "Linear" is already very nice. You can also customize the colors of the battery ring by adjusting the color bars in the Color Configuration section. In addition, you can choose between different color gradients for a more colorful appearance.

The Energiering works well enough and reliably displays a battery ring when your S10 is awake. However, the app is still at an early stage of development and has some bugs.

The biggest problem we noticed was that the app often crashed when settings were made on the battery ring. This limited our ability to change the thickness of the ring and enable the "Auto Hide in Fullscreen Apps" option, since everything else was causing a crash.

There are other aspects that Energy Ring can improve, most notably the ability of the battery ring to appear on the S10 always-on display, the lock screen, or both. Despite these shortcomings, the app does quite well to superimpose a well-visible battery ring on the camera's cut-out, and it's still worth trying. We'll be sure to post an update as soon as the app has received the required improvements. Stay tuned.

Cover Picture, Screenshots and GIFs of Amboy Manalo / Gadget Hacks

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