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Tricks to sell your phone for the best possible money


More money is better than less if you trade or resell your phone.

Angela Lang / CNET

New phones are like cars – they quickly lose value. For example, the Galaxy S10 reportedly lost 50% in 30 days . So, when it's time to sell our phones or exchange them for a new carrier when purchasing a new device, make sure you get as much money as possible. You may have more control over it than you think.

OK, no, you do not have control over the phone subscription rate, but if you pay close attention to your phone and stick to it, it can make hundreds of dollars in difference. The key now is to think about these things, not days before you're ready to move on. Here's what you need to look out for.

Whatever you do, do not drop the case

Yes, it's ugly. Yes, you need a : You're probably already using a case to protect your phone's fragile glass from being broken. We know, we know, it ruins the appeal of a beautiful gradient design or a particularly beautiful color but if you want your phone to look dent-free and crack-free on sale, a bag is the way to go bf8b -7e78a107fd92 / galaxy-s10-plus-cracked-broken-11.jpg “/>

Cracks like these cost you hundreds of dollars.

Angela Lang / CNET

Smart Tip : Buy the suitcase before you start the phone. Mobile phones can fall and break within minutes of delivery.

What to look for : Full coverage around the edges and a kind of rise – even a smaller one – between the screens and the lip of the case.

Buy a screen protector. Now

Why you need it : Screen protectors are victim monitors that you place on the phone's original display – buy a glass and not plastic. There are tons of them in your carrier store and online. A good one can cost you, but a $ 30 screen protector will be worth it in the long run if you're making hundreds of dollars more on your phone when you need to sell it or trade it.

: Screen protectors may break if you drop the phone – that's what they're for. It's not a bad idea to have a spare tire handy if it breaks, so you do not have a safety gap when you need to turn it off. If you do not need it and sell your phone on the open market, you can put it as part of the price in the screen protector.

Keep the box and all parts

Really! : Carrier will prefer to have your original charger, but you may not be interested in exchanging a phone. But if you sell the phone through Craigslist or Swappa, it becomes your buyer. Keeping the phone in its original state or near the device will make it more appealing, resulting in more money.

What about the case? You can also sell that.

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Óscar Gutiérrez / CNET

Clean your phone before you sell it – the right way

Cleanliness is a money thing : This is important regardless of whether you sell your phone to a stranger through a third party vendor like Gazelle or a reseller the forwarder or manufacturer. You get more for a phone that looks and works like new than for an encrusted handset that is limping.

Since you will not be paid until the buyer inspects your device, you may not be able to get your phone ready for your asking price if the phone you are using does not meet expectations. It's worth cleaning your phone properly before submitting.

What about the parts? Also wipe the box and housing with a slightly damp cloth or paper towel. Nobody buys your dirt.

  Clean Smartphone "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/img/1eco8WQ58Hio5XEq62KQK6IlWI0=/2019/04/23/ad1efcdc-26e3-444a-b0a8-2a0083a347b5/8

Fixing a broken screen might be worth it.

Expect : You may have more time in your pocket if you fix a broken phone (such as U Break I Fix or Apple Stores) before trying to get it to a third party merchant sell or trade with him.

Why bother? Broken phones still hold some value as they can be reworked or removed for parts to recycle or repair other phones for resale.

This is how it works: Go to your mobile service provider's third-party or trade-in website to see the estimated value of your phone with a broken screen or a water-damaged phone versus the value for a is phone without damage. Then compare this with the cost of a repair. If there are enough differences (for example, if your phone is relatively new or in high demand), it may be worth the effort.

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What else do I need to know?

In any case, you need to back up your phone and reset it to factory settings before sharing it. By doing so, you protect your identity and ensure that you keep all the photos and other data you need to move to a new device. There is much more information on reselling a phone including some suggestions for third-party resellers and comparing prices to get the most money.

$ 999

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