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Tropical Storm Barry: Prepare yourself for the next catastrophe with a travel bag


An example of a good travel bag.

Alina Bradford / CNET

The tropical storm Barry travels to the USA. On Friday, President Trump declared an emergency in Louisiana in anticipation of the storm damage. Barry is approaching the state and is expected to bring 1

0 to 20 inches of rain, which threatens a flash flood.

The National Hurricane Center says, "There is a risk of a life-threatening storm surge." This is due to the increase in water level caused by hurricane waves.

If you live in or near Louisiana and have to deal with storm activity, it's important to be prepared so you need a travel bag. [19659006] The Go Bag (also known as the Bugout Bag), once thought of as a security blanket for the conspiracy theorist, has gained the status of a legitimate security item you need in your home. In fact, government officials and city officials always recommend having a travel bag ready.

The idea behind the Go bag is simple. In case of emergency, grab your bag and … go . It contains items that will help you survive until you can return home. Here's everything you need to know.

Why do you need a travel bag?

Do you think you do not need to worry about it? Hurricane readiness is not the only reason you need a travel bag. You may need to flee your home to find new accommodation shortly, as:

  • Earthquakes
  • Tornadoes or hurricanes
  • Flash floods
  • Forest fires
  • Mudslides
  • Ice storms [19659012] Zombie Apocalypse (just a joke … maybe )

What kind of bag is the best?

The city of Chicago, no stranger to strong winds, recommends that every member of your household have their own own bag. If you are a parent of a small child, you can keep everything you and your children need with a large bag.

Remember, the best kind of bag is the one you can wear. Do not get a huge travel bag unless you are very strong and can lift it. You also want a bag that fits easily in your car. You do not want one so big that you have to leave one of the children behind to take it with you.

A hiking backpack with different pockets is the best choice. Make sure it's made of a strong canvas material and has a strap that fits around your chest. This relieves your back when you have a long way to go.

Also, look for a pack of a water reservoir that you can fill with drinking water. These are often referred to as camelbacks.

I recommend the Sandpiper of California Bugout backpack as used by my husband in the military. Right now it's our family bag. It sells a little under $ 90. Another good choice is the LA Police Gear Atlas 72-hour tactical backpack ($ 80).

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Water is important, but do it, do not wear it

Although many experts recommend a three-day water supply in your home for emergencies, it can be impractical to flow with this amount of water. Especially if you do not have a car. The alternative is to stow a device in your travel bag that can turn water from ditches, streams, ponds, and other water sources into clean drinking water. Some great options are the LifeStraw Go water bottle ($ 30 to $ 45) or the Icon LifeSaver ($ 85). Both can be attached to the outside of your bag so they do not take up any space in your pockets.

But be forewarned. Many of these emergency filter devices must be treated with potable water before they can be used as a filter for tap water. Be sure to read the instructions and prepare the bottle before putting it in your bag.

Keep the light steady

In an emergency, the batteries may be nearly empty, especially during a hurricane. For this reason, it is a good idea to put a lighting system in your pocket that can be powered by a renewable resource.

The Thorfire LED Flashlight ($ 18) can be operated with sunlight or a hand crank. A solar or crank flashlight, which is also suitable as AM / FM radio, is a good choice.

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Other Important Things

Water and light should be at the top of your list, but there are many other things you should throw in your pocket:

  • Non-perishable food. Ready meals (MREs) are a popular choice, but freeze-dried products also work. Just make sure they are light, provide lots of calories and protein, and have a shelf life of months, if not years.
  • A good multitool that includes a knife, pliers, a can opener, and other tools. [19659012] Paracord, also known as 550-cord, can carry up to 500 kg and is compact. So choose it instead of a normal rope.
  • Carabiner: These metal loops with a spring-loaded latch are used millions of times, such as the outside of your travel bag.
  • A whistle to signal to others if you need help and can not scream.
  • A poncho and a change of clothes.
  • Your family's prescription medications for a week and copies of your prescriptions. You're probably going to want to throw it in your pocket when you leave, as it's impractical for most people to have extras in your pocket.
  • A small first aid kit with bandages, antiseptics, analgesics and gauze.
  • Personal care products such as soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products and so on. Pack these items in waterproof bags.
  • Your additional house and car keys.
  • A warm blanket. Put it in a plastic bag, suck the air out of the bag with the hose on your vacuum cleaner and close it quickly to save space.
  • A recent family photograph for identification purposes, also in a plastic bag to keep it safe from moisture.
  • Redeem small denominations and coins.
  • A regional map that lets you navigate without a phone if the cell towers and GPS are down, busy, or the battery is dead.
  • Paper, pens and tape to leave messages for others.
  • A dust mask.
  • Copies of important documents such as insurance information, ID cards, proof of address and passports in a waterproof plastic bag.
  • Your family photos on a USB drive. This one is optional, but I like the security of knowing that I have some of the precious memories of my family with me.
  • Pet supplies like a leash, a collapsible water bowl and food.

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Originally posted on January 28, 2017.
Update July 12, 2019: Updated for Tropical Storm Barry with new information and pricing.

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