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Trump is trying to explain lower fundraising numbers

WASHINGTON (AP) – The latest on the presidential campaign (all local):

7:55 pm

President Donald Trump says he could be “the biggest fundraiser in the world” but he doesn’t want to put in the work or have to “do things” to support his donors.

Trump claimed to thousands of supporters at a rally on Friday in Macon, Georgia that he could easily get multimillion-dollar donations from the leaders of Wall Street firms.

But he says he would then have to “do things for her”


The president spoke after his campaign released new figures suggesting he is likely the first president to face financial disadvantage in modern times.

Trump’s campaign, the Republican National Committee, and associated groups raised $ 247 million in September. That’s far less than the $ 383 million reported by his Democratic opponent Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee last month.

Trump said he had $ 251.4 million in the bank compared to Biden’s $ 432 million.



President Donald Trump is holding rallies in Ocala, Florida and Macon, Georgia Friday night. His Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, is in Michigan talking about health care in Southfield and mobilizing voters in Detroit.

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Here’s what else is going on:

7:25 pm

Joe Biden pledges full efforts for racial and economic justice if he is elected president.

The Democratic presidential candidate said at a drive-in rally on the Michigan State Fairgrounds Thursday that President Donald Trump had promoted a rise in white supremacy, armed militia and bitter divisions.

Biden says he emphasizes unity while recognizing systemic racism. He particularly praised black Americans for “a deep love for this country that for far too long” generations of oppression have not fully recognized.

The former vice president promised an economic program that would improve opportunities for American workers of all races and races. After welcoming the US auto industry concentrated in Michigan, he says he wants a manufacturing renaissance to “do it in America, do it in Michigan”.


6:50 pm

Michigan Senator Gary Peters plays Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as the savior of the US auto industry.

The Senator, facing his own tough re-election campaign, was one of the warm-up speakers at a Biden campaign drive-in rally on Friday at the Michigan State Fairgrounds.

Peters says Michigan should “thank President Obama and Vice President Biden” for their roles in saving automakers after the 2008 financial meltdown.

The Senator says Biden “was with us in the past” and “will be with us in the future”.

The bailout for GM and Chrysler was approved by President George W. Bush after Obama and Biden won the 2008 elections but before they took office. The Obama administration carried out the rescue program.


17 o’clock

President Donald Trump predicts a “red wave” of Republican votes in Florida.

Most polls show a close race in the important battlefield state that both Republican incumbent and Democrat Joe Biden are heavily courting.

At a rally on Friday in Ocala, Trump reminded thousands of supporters that “I live here too”. Recently he changed his legal residence from New York.

The president noted that early voting in Florida will begin Monday. He says in 18 days: “We’re going to win the state of Florida. We’re going to win the White House. “Trump won Florida in 2016.

Trump predicted a “red wave” of Republican votes “like never before”.


4:30 p.m.

Joe Biden is warning Michigan voters that President Donald Trump is planning to withdraw health insurance from tens of millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions.

The Democratic nominee, who camped outside Detroit on Friday, said Trump promised to protect all Americans’ insurance eligibility but in reality wanted to scrap the 2010 Affordable Care Act. This law first set a federal standard that requires insurers to offer health insurance to their customers regardless of their medical history.

Biden says Trump “can only see from his penthouse” in Manhattan and doesn’t see most Americans’ daily fighting.

A 2017 study by the Department of Health and Human Services found that up to 133 million Americans can be classified as “pre-existing” by the standard insurers used before the 2010 law.

Biden noted the number could rise after the pandemic. Some patients recovering from COVID-19 have been found with ongoing lung, heart, or other organ damage.


4:20 pm

Joe Biden mocks President Donald Trump for suggesting in a town hall on Thursday that the US has “gone around the corner” in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden said Friday during a campaign in Southfield, Michigan that the virus is “not going away” and is instead “on the rise” again.

The Democratic candidate noted spikes in COVID-19 in many states and said Trump put the US on a path to more coronavirus deaths than World War II deaths.

Biden said Trump “puts his followers in such danger” by holding mass rallies that do not require masks. Biden had taken off his own mask to speak on Friday. But he was speaking in front of a small, masked crowd that was scattered across a community center gym.

He asked her to repeatedly recall Trump “making fun of Biden wearing a mask”.

Biden built much of his general election arguments on criticism that Trump botched the pandemic and its economic aftermath, resulting in more deaths and job losses.


4:10 p.m.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden praises Michigan’s leading Democrats as he attempts to turn the state back into his party’s victory column.

Biden on Friday praised Governor Gretchen Whitmer as one of the best governors in the nation, saying she was “standing tall and tall”. He beat up President Donald Trump again for failing to explicitly condemn white supremacists and far-right anarchists like the recently arrested group for plotting to kidnap Whitmer.

The former vice president also praised Senator Gary Peters when the Democrat faces a major challenge from Republican John James. Democrats cannot afford to lose Peters’ seat if they hope to have a functioning Senate majority in January.

Biden called Peters a “go-to” legislator for the Obama administration when Biden was vice president.


3:35 pm

Joe Biden’s campaign says former Vice President and his run mate Kamala Harris each tested negative for COVID-19 on Friday.

Testing will take place the day after the campaign confirms that three people associated with the campaign have tested positive, including Harris’ communications director Liz Allen.

As a precaution, Harris suspended personal campaigns over the weekend but plans to return on Monday. Biden continues his campaign with two layovers on Friday in Michigan.

Medical advisors to the campaign said none of those who tested positive were ever close enough to Biden to directly expose him to the virus.


2:40 pm

President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden will be asking questions about coronavirus, racial issues and climate change in the final presidential debate next week.

NBC host Kristen Welker released the six topics for Friday’s debate on the bipartisan committee on presidential debates. They are “Fighting COVID-19”, “American Families”, “Race in America”, “Climate Change”, “National Security” and “Leadership”.

Trump and Biden will take the stage together for 90 minutes on October 22nd in Nashville, three weeks after their first meeting in Cleveland.

A second outing, scheduled for October 15, has been canceled following Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis and his refusal to participate in a virtual debate. Trump and Biden instead held town halls on different networks at the same time.


2:35 pm

President Donald Trump says he is moving “heaven and earth” to protect the elderly from the coronavirus.

Trump appeals directly to senior voters during a Friday appearance in Fort Myers, Florida. Polls have shown that Trump’s support in this constituency has waned in part due to its uneven handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which killed more people in the US than any other country. The elderly are among the groups most susceptible to the COVID-19 disease they cause.

Trump said in the speech: “I will protect you, I will defend you and I will fight for you with every ounce of energy and conviction I have.”

The President also assures older people that they will come first when getting a vaccine approved. He adds that he will provide them with treatments like the one he received for free.

Trump recently recovered from COVID-19 and spent three days in the hospital.

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