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Trump Skewers Biden, again proposing that supporters in Pennsylvania vote twice

President TrumpDonald John TrumpKenosha Mayor lifts curfew, citing several “peaceful” nights. MSNBC’s Joy Reid admits that Muslim commentary “doesn’t work”. Conway says more “hidden, covert” Trump voters will help him MORE re-election on Thursday painted Democratic candidate Joe BidenThe Mayor of Joe BidenKenosha lifts the curfew and cites several “peaceful” nights. Conway says more “hidden, covert” Trump voters will help him win re-election as a low-crime and a threat to the US economy, while proponents re-suggest voting twice in the November elections to ensure their vote is counted.

During a campaign stop in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Trump spoke to a crowd about the remarks that sparked a firestorm on Wednesday when he asked supporters to vote by mail and then try to vote in person.

The President reiterated that this is necessary to ensure that their votes are tabulated.

“Sign your postal ballot, OK? You sign and mail it and then have to follow it. And if this isn’t tabulated and counted on election day or early voting, go to the vote, ”Trump told the crowd. “And if for some reason after that – it shouldn’t be that long – you won’t be able to tabulate it because you would have voted.”

“But you have to make sure your vote counts because the only way we can beat us is to do things like that,” Trump continued.

It is illegal for voters to intentionally vote twice in one election. After Trump made remarks in North Carolina on Wednesday asking voters to vote twice to test the system, the executive director of the state’s electoral committee issued a statement clarifying that voting twice is illegal.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Thursday that Trump was not suggesting “doing something illegal” but rather that he told voters to check that their ballots are counted in the November election.

Talking to Air Force One reporters after Trump’s stay in Latrobe, White House Chief of Staff Mark MeadowsMark Randall Meadows The time for HELP is now: The Senate should pass bill to expedite recovery from natural disasters. McConnell tries to protect vulnerable Republicans with COVID-19 votes. Pelosi, Mnuchin talk incentive, but stalemate remains MORE said Trump campaigned for people to vote by mail and then cast a preliminary ballot if the postal ballot was not recorded. Meadows said Trump did not ask voters to vote twice.

Trump’s remarks in western Pennsylvania were part of the president’s ongoing attack on the expanded mail-in vote. Critics say these efforts are a way of sowing doubts about the validity of the results of the upcoming election, which is about two months away. Trump called mail-in ballots a “disgrace”, claiming that “unsolicited ballots” were sent to dead people and even dogs.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that efforts to expand mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic would encourage widespread electoral fraud. However, there is little evidence of significant postal ballot fraud.

Trump also used his remarks in Latrobe to impale Biden on several fronts, accusing the moderate Democratic candidate of engaging in radical left politics that would harm the economy and weaken law enforcement. He also insisted that Biden would not be “tough” on China while announcing his own trade policy.

“Biden will never be able to protect your work or your family. He’s a puppet of the socialist, Marxist and cop-hate extremists, “said Trump. His remarks caused frequent cheers from the crowd.

Trump has embraced law enforcement and condemned violence that has accompanied some of the protests against police brutality and racial injustice that have gripped the nation in recent months.

The demonstrations increased after the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died by Minneapolis police in late May. Another black American, Jacob Blake, was shot seven times in the back by an officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 23. Blake is currently stable and paralyzed from the waist down.

The president has called for crackdown on recalcitrant demonstrations, blaming the Democrats for what he has termed rampant lawlessness in American cities, but has largely bypassed the problems that fuel the peaceful demonstrations.

This week, Biden condemned the destructive aspects of the demonstrations and accused Trump of inciting violence. Trump spoke in Pennsylvania hours after Biden traveled to Kenosha, where he met with Blake’s family.

Trump visited Kenosha on Tuesday to view property damage.

Trump’s message of “law and order” has become a central element of his offer for re-election, as he is largely disapproved of in dealing with the novel corona virus.

“I will always defend law abiding citizens. So the rioters vote for Biden and the police officers … they all vote for me, “Trump claimed on Thursday.

Trump focused parts of his remarks on announcing his energy policy and accusing Biden of using a platform that would cut jobs in the energy sector.

Trying to refute Biden’s recent assertion that he would not ban fracking – a key electoral problem in the state of Pennsylvania – he nudged the former Vice President for promising to re-include the United States in the Paris Agreement.

“It’s a death sentence for your energy jobs,” Trump said. “Biden plans to use it again.”

Trump spoke to a crowd of hundreds of supporters outdoors at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport. The event, though smaller, mimicked the President’s rallies, where Trump spoke for an hour and a half, walking from topic to topic. Many participants did not wear masks.

He searched the crowd for information on his new nickname for Joe Biden: “Joe Hiden”. And at some point Trump took a long hiatus because of his unannounced trip to Walter Reed last November, refuting a recently published report from a book by New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt that Vice President Pence should be on standby in this case, Trump had to get one Subject to anesthesia.

“Yesterday I read that I had a stroke,” Trump told the crowd, claiming he heard such a report on “Fake News CNN”.

Neither point of sale has reported the president had a stroke, although CNN official and former Clinton White House press secretary Joe Lockhart asked on Twitter if Trump had a stroke and kept it from the public after Schmidt reported it.

“You want to try to get me to be on Biden’s physical level,” Trump said of the press.

Pennsylvania is one of a handful of major swing states that could decide the 2020 presidential election.

Trump, who won Pennsylvania in 2016 by a narrow 1 point over the then Democratic candidate Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonPolls Show National Leadership For Biden, Hope For Trump On The Battlefields Trump visits swing state North Carolina on the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. California Congregation spokeswoman apologizes after denying lawmakers proxy voting on maternity leavehas been courting there in the past few weeks. He traveled to Pennsylvania two weeks ago to counter the Democratic Convention and spoke in Scranton, near Biden’s hometown.

A Monmouth University poll published on Wednesday found the race between Biden and Trump in Pennsylvania is intensifying. The poll found that Biden leads Trump at 49 to 45 percent, an advantage that is within the poll’s margin of error.

Trump mentioned the coronavirus pandemic sparingly on Thursday evening and once complained that the virus had affected his chances of re-election.

“Before the China virus, that election was over. Now I had to go back to work, ”Trump said, adding that his administration has not received adequate recognition for its work in the fight against COVID-19.

He also pointed to progress on a vaccine, was optimistic about the economic recovery, and criticized Democratic governors – including the Pennsylvania government. Tom WolfTom Wolf Pennsylvania lawmakers urge the Postmaster General to return sorting machines. Overnight Health Care: CDC Testing Guidelines Change Approved by White House Task Force CDC Says Asymptomatic People Don’t Need Testing And Is Criticized By Experts No Coronavirus Response Business By End Of September? Were not optimistic The DOJ is questioning governors about coronavirus orders that may have resulted in nursing home deaths (D) – For what he claimed are efforts to maintain coronavirus-related restrictions for political reasons.

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