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Turn Your Mouse Into A Laser Pointer In PowerPoint

Using a laser pointer is a great way to focus the audience on a specific part of your presentation. If you can not do it, you can use PowerPoint's neat little setting to turn your mouse into a laser pointer. Here's how.

Turning Your Mouse Into a Laser Pointer

Microsoft has come to the rescue with its PowerPoint 201

0 release, which introduces the laser pointer into a laser pointer .

Enabling this feature is quite simple. In fact, you can do it during the actual presentation.

[Cause] Clicking and holding the left mouse button.

 How-To Geek gif

As you can see in this GIF, we want to draw attention to "How-To Geek" in the questionnaire, then show the correct answer. So you can be careful.

Changing the Color of Your Laser

The default color is red, which might not work well depending on the color of your slides. Set to Slide Show button

 set up slide show

In the Set [Show Detail]

 Set color

A menu with three colors will appear. Here, you can select either red, green, or blue. Once you've chosen your color, click "OK."

 select color - press ok

These are the only available options, so choose the background color of your slides carefully if you plan on using the laser pointer feature.

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