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Ultimate countdown for the Holidays 2019: Procrastinator's Edition


It's not your idea – Thanksgiving landed as late as possible this year, shortening the Christmas shopping season by a whopping six days.

Dale Smith / CNET

This story is part of Holiday Survival Guide 2019 and contains tips for optimizing the holiday season.

Every year the holidays seem to arrive earlier than last year, but this winter is no illusion – Thanksgiving landed a week later than usual, giving shoppers six days less time to tick off all the names on their gift lists. If you're already the type who sees last-minute shopping as a competitive sport, this season may still be the toughest one (you can check out our guide to idlers for the holidays here). But do not panic – the key to winning this game is the strategy. We've put together the ultimate 2019 playbook with checklists, countdowns and more.

Vacation Seasonal Expectations Expected Despite Shortened Season According to Adobe Analytics, a record $ 143 billion was generated on the Internet in 2019. This means that large retail stores like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy will be on time for shipping orders, and you'd better not expect your nearest drugstore to only have Toyota Supra wrapping paper when you drop by in a neighborhood December 24 , Midnight.

Whether you are preparing for Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus or any other winter celebration, here is the Countdown Guide for our Zero's Holidays, Issue 2019.

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The best gifts for the holidays under $ 100


Keep an eye on these sales first.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday may be over, but there are still plenty of holiday offers. Many retailers have extended Black Friday prices (or discounts near the prices offered on Black Friday) to the regular Christmas shopping season. Start with CNET's list of 2019 with the top offers from our editors for Christmas gifts. Also check out these CNET gift lists:

If you are really punctual and resourceful, remember that you can always give gift cards. Amazon offers a wide range of gift cards, some of which do not even have to wait for delivery (they contain a digital code that you can print yourself).

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The best gifts for the holidays under 50 US -Dollar


Important Deadlines for Retail Delivery

Earlier this year, Amazon took a big step to reduce the two-day shipping for Prime members to just one day, resulting in a shipping war with rival retailer Walmart. Best Buy has moved into the next day's shipping campaign this year, declaring that fast service is available for up to 99% of Best Buy customers.

This year, Amazon has set even more aggressive delivery times for Christmas than it did last December, partly because Christmas does not take place on a Tuesday like 2018 but on a Wednesday.

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Thanks to the recent shipping of many items within a day at Amazon, you can technically wait until December 23 to order your items, and still pack them in time for Christmas ,

Angela Lang / CNET

However, Hanukkah begins three days before Christmas on the evening of December 22, one Sunday – one day before Festivus on December 23. That said, here are the official deadlines for ordering from Amazon to guarantee prompt gift arrival in the 48 contiguous US:

Shipping Deadlines at Amazon

Shipping Speed Order by this date To get it to this date
Two days (most items) December 20 December 22
Dec. 21 December 23
Dec. 22 December 24
Next day (many items) December 21 December 22
Dec. 22 December 23
Dec. 23 December 24
same day (minimum order 35 USD) day ordered

Retailers like Walmart, Target and Kohls generally have identical and, in some cases, longer shipping windows depending on the goods ordered. Best Buy is a promising overnight delivery for 99% of customers. However, if the item or postal code you have indicated does not permit this, the shipping times are likely to reflect this.

Ordering deadlines for most online stores (for the lower 48) are:

Delivery times for most other retailers

Shipping speed Order by this date To get it to this date
Standard December 14 December 21
Dec. 16 December 23
Dec. 17 December 24
Express December 18 December 22
Dec. 19 December 23
Dec. 20 December 24
Next day (at least $ 35) December 19 December 22
Dec. 20 December 23
Dec. 23 December 24
Pickup at the store day ordered

Deadlines for the Three Major Shipping Companies

If you are shipping gifts to your loved ones or shopping at other merchants than Amazon, such as Amazon. For example, when doing business on eBay, you need to know which services are guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas.

Please note that orders placed by eBay or other retailers in this data do not include processing time, so you may also need to consider this.

Here are the published shipping times for the three largest parcel couriers in the US, FedEx, USPS, and UPS in the lower 48:

FedEx shipping times

shipping speed Shipping until this date For delivery until this date
Floor / home delivery December 13 December 21
Dec. 16 December 23
Dec. 17 December 24
Express Saver December 17 December 21
Dec. 18 December 23
Dec. 19 December 24
night December 20 December 21
Dec. 20 December 23
Dec. 23 December 24
The same day day ordered

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How to protect your vacation packages


USPS Shipping Deadlines

Shipping Speed Shipping until this date For delivery until this date
First class / priority December 18 December 21
Dec. 19 December 23
Dec. 20 December 24
Priority Mail Express December 20 December 21
Dec. 21 December 23
Dec. 23 December 24

UPS Shipping Deadlines

Shipping Speed Shipping until this date For delivery until this date
three-day selection December 16 December 21
Dec. 18 December 23
Dec. 19 December 24
2nd Day Air December 18 December 21
Dec. 19 December 23
Dec. 20 December 24
Next Day Air December 20 December 21
Dec. 21 December 23
Dec. 23 December 24

Make a list and check it often (it will not be cut twice).

This is the season of creating gift lists, gift wrapping and, of course, giving. To make sure you do not let anyone down this season, you should use an app to create your lists for maximum organization.

Consider everyone in your life, from family and friends to colleagues and others you see every day, for your gift list.

If you're attending a secret Santa-style gift exchange, you may not be able to shop for everyone you work with, for example. However, be careful not to fall for scams related to holidays such as the "Secret Sisters" gift exchange with strangers on Facebook. Also, be sure to create a budget for all persons and a specific dollar amount for each recipient category.

When creating a list, keep in mind who you want to give away this year:

  • Family, both immediate and advanced
  • friends, but decide how big the circle should be.
  • Employees (Check if you have a Secret Santa Exchange before you buy each a gift.)
  • Your boss (Check if your employees have organized a team gift.)
  • Service professionals with whom You regularly contact (housekeepers, nannies, hairdressers), etc.)
  • Members and leaders of churches or social organizations
  • Your or your children's team (teachers, assistants, etc.)
  • Someone you meet regularly (19659166) Banker, a favorite restaurant servant, etc.) [19659167] Pets (could you consider a subscription for your dog?)

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                        <span class= Check Out: [19659011] Best Smart Home Gifts for the Holidays


Show your gratitude with some gratitude.

Here is a tip: If you are approaching the holidays, consider adding the normal tip that you can give to service professionals (housekeepers, hairdressers, hotel porters, taxi or riders, caterers, etc.) even the Use Google Search to calculate a tip. Here is a list of all the people you should consider tipping and tipping standards in the United States (according to US News & World Report and WhoToTip.com).

  • Porters, Porters, Porters: $ 1- $ 5
  • Hotel Concierges: $ 5 to $
  • Room Service at the Hotel: 15% of the bill
  • Housekeeping: $ 2 to $ 5 per day [Parkkeeper:0to2USD
  • Bartender: 1 to 2 USD per drink
  • Restaurant server: 15% to 20% of the pre-tax bill
  • Food delivery: 10% to 20% of the pre-tax bill
  • Baristas : 0 $ to 1 $
  • Spas: 10% to 20%
  • Hairdressers: 10% to 20%
  • Taxi driver or passenger: 10% to 15%
  • Tour guides: 15% to 20% [19659166] Moving Companies: $ 4 to $ 8 per Hour

Deck the Halls, the Living Rooms and the Kitchen

Nothing beautifies the holiday mood as much as decorations, but if you leave your home in holiday clothes just two weekends before the big winter vacation Dress, the time is ripe. If you need inspiration, you'll find seven apps to help decorate the holidays, six high-tech decorating ideas, and five great ways to decorate your home for the holidays.

The heart of many indoor Christmas scenes is the Christmas tree. Again, online retailers help. This year, we are considering ordering a freshly cut tree from Amazon. Both freshly cut and artificial trees are available from Wayfair and several other vendors who also offer tree removal services for stress-free post-holiday cleaning.

Do not forget wrapping paper and tons of tape.

It's easy to shop for gifts and forget the one important holiday that's so fun giving (and getting) – wrapping paper! Here is a checklist of all the supplies you need to add a touch of Christmas spirit to your gifts:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Gift bags
  • Tissue paper (for filling gift bags and boxes)
  • Ribbons and bows [19659166] Cards and labels
  • Cellophane adhesive tape (like Scotch)
  • Individually wrapped small sweets

For more holiday tips and tricks, see our Holiday Survival Guide 2019 For example, when giving gifts and other stress-reducing measures, you can clean the shower head before the holiday guests arrive (no elbow grease required). There are also stress management apps and tips for choosing the perfect gifts for hosts. All these holiday parties you need to attend -42bd-afef-a7c818b03bd6 / usps-cajas-envios.png “/>

The deadline for service on December 24 at USPS Priority Mail is 21 December this year.


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