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Ultimate Ears For Earbuds Use Light To Make Tips To Fit Your Ears Perfectly – Check Geek

Ultimate ears fit

One of the most common complaints about Bluetooth earbuds is fit. Apple’s AirPods and similar designs are made out of hard plastic, and most of the others offer few options for silicone tips ̵

1; barely enough to ensure a snug fit for all human ears. Logitech subsidiary Ultimate Ears believes it has the solution with its new Fit radio buds.

These earbuds essentially make their own silicone tips that can specifically adapt to the shape of your earlobe. LED lights in the buds themselves can make the material of the tips malleable, softening and reshaping them in a 60-second process while they sit in your ear. As soon as the tips are hardened, they stay that way and give them an individual, unique fit.

This type of technology has been available for years, but before that you had to go to an audiologist to get it done. An expensive process that is usually only worthwhile for musicians or producers. Sony does something similar with its 360 Reality Audio, but that only uses photos of your ears to adjust settings in otherwise static headphones. This kind of super-custom process in a retail product is truly unique.

That signature match number aside, the fits are pretty typical true wireless earbuds with eight hours of battery life spread over 20 hours with the included charging case. The fits don’t have active noise cancellation, but Ultimate Ears says the custom tips work so well that there’s no need to just go with passive isolation. The buds are IPX3 “sweat proof” and contain two microphones for calls.

Ultimate Ears Fits is available for pre-order today for $ 199 in three colors. The retail price is $ 250 after the promotion period ends. At the time of writing, there is no verified shipping date.

Source: Ultimate Ears

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