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Unlock Your iPhone Instantly with Face ID – No Swipe Required «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Face ID is great for the security of your iPhone. It offers a million-to-one chance against unauthorized access compared to Touch ID, which is 20 times less secure. However, it's far from being really freehand, as you'll need to pull the lock screen up as soon as it detects your face to access apps. However, if you have a jailbroken iPhone X, this problem can be easily fixed.

If you lift an older iPhone model to wake it up, the lock screen will be displayed and your finger on the Touch ID. Depending on the settings, the home screen or the app you last visited opens automatically. The iPhone X displays the lock screen. He scans your face to "unlock" the lock screen, and then swipe up. This really makes the face ID faster.

Yes, it is really helpful to unlock the lock screen if the notification preview is disabled while the locked messages are displayed after you scan your face. But if you do not use that, you do not want your iPhone to open after a scan without wiping? Thanks to SparkDev you can.

Fittingly called AutoUnlockX, SparkDev's Jailbreak Tweak is free and can be customized based on privacy and security settings. With this option enabled, you'll be able to completely bypass the swipe and immediately unlock your iPhone in the same way as the frighteningly fast Face Unlock feature on OnePlus devices.

Step 1
: Install Spark's Repository

Before you If you can install AutoUnlockX, you must first add an external repo to Cydia or Sileo because the tweak is not natively available in any of the apps , If you are using the Add Source feature, enter the following URL. Be sure to add an "s" after "http" to make sure the repo will download successfully in the app.


Also remember that the SparkDev repo is added in Cydia It is not automatically added to Sileo and vice versa. You'll need to add it manually to both apps if you frequently switch back and forth between the two. Refer to the following manuals for more information about this process.

In this example, I use Cydia to install the new repo with AutoUnlockX.

Step 2: Install AutoUnlockX

Go into the "Find Cydia" or "Sileo" page, type "AutoUnlockX" in the search field, and select the tweak as soon as it appears From there, tap either "Install" (Cydia) or "Get" (Sileo) on the page Details .

Tap on either "Confirm" (Cydia) or swipe up the "Queue" card and click "Confirm" (Sileo), then sit back and wait a moment until the tweak is installed and tap "Restart SpringBoard" to complete the installation.

Step 3: Customize AutoUnlockX

After the iPhone update, you must continue to AutoUnlockX Activate the app S ettings and select "AutoUnlockX" on the main page. Then tap the switch next to "Enable Auto Unlock" to enable the feature.

You can also swipe up the screen by disabling the tweak if your iPhone has notifications, plays music, or has the flashlight on – simply by tapping the appropriate toggle switch. In these cases, you probably do not want to go beyond the lock screen because you can interact directly with the content.

You can also click on the "Enable Auto Retry" button with the slider. Automatically scan your face again after unsuccessful attempts.

How to make your selection according to your ideas. and touch "Respring" when you're happy to set your changes. Then use Face ID to unlock your iPhone as usual and enjoy the newly discovered ability to instantly access the home screen or app without swiping up.

Before and After Enabling AutoUnlockX
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