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Unlock your messages on Snapchat

Snapchat is already known for his vanishing conversations and Story Snaps which vanished in 24 hours. With the new "Clear Chats" feature, you can now send messages to your friends before messages. That's right, no remorse. This new feature will be launched around the world in the coming weeks.

How to Delete Chats

To zap a comment that you want to undo, long press on the message – whether audio, text, sticker or photo – and press the delete option. that appears. If you hurry, you can unlock before your friend ̵

1; or a group of friends – sees it for yourself.


Take back your message … but be quick.

Alina Bradford / CNET

Snapchat says that deleting a message does the best it can to remove the message from its servers and your friends' devices. Note that people in the chat are notified when you delete something. So be prepared for questions. Sometimes the feature will not work if your friend has Internet connection issues or if their version of Snapchat is older. So, still be on the side of caution when sending something.

Delete entire conversations

The older option "Delete conversation" allows you to delete entire conversations in just a few steps. If you are looking for more of the clean sweep, on the profile screen, tap the Settings icon tap Delete conversations under the Account Actions sub-item and then tap the X next to the conversation, you want to delete.

Note that the conversation on your friend's phone is not deleted the way Clear Chats releases a message. There will simply be no talk about your phone.

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