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Update the drivers of your PC with a reliable driver downloader

In my experience, most computer hardware and software issues can be resolved by updating the drivers installed on your computer. Although the Device Manager promises to update their drivers, rarely achieves the right results.

So, if the Device Manager does not do its job, you might want to find an outdated software program, the missing drivers will find drivers and do it all automatically or at a set time.

The good news is that there are many programs that download drivers … and I mean many. Here are some that are really worthwhile.

Driver Booster – Free & Premium $ 22.95 / year $ 17.21 / year

This driver downloader may be my personal favorite, and you should definitely check it out in this driver updater, if you want something decent for free. In my experience, it offers everything you need to get your laptop / PC back to fully updated mode. Once the installation is complete, it searches for everything and tells you which drivers need to be updated. You can update them all at once or select and run them one at a time. If a reboot is required, you will be notified. At first I did not opt ​​for the paid version because the free version did everything I needed it for. But then I got the premiere version. For just $ 22.95 / year for 3 PCs (which is cheaper than any of the others on this list), users are given priority over driver updates, improved download speeds, and custom driver customization to optimize the PC game (if you so desire). If you are looking for a solid and all-around powerful experience, Driver Booster 4 is highly recommended.

DriverEasy ̵
1; Free & $ 29.95 / year

DriverEasy is one of the hugely popular downloadable driver programs, and with good reason. DriverEasy offers several versions, including a free version. The program does exactly what you think, keeping your drivers up to date. That's more or less the free version, but the premium version offers all sorts of options. With the premium version, you can back up and restore drivers, download all drivers in one click, and even have a multilingual user interface. DriverEasy also claims to be faster than a Windows update that unfortunately did not have time to test.

DriverNavigator – 89,95 USD 39,95 USD / year

It offers similar features as DriverEasy. It also restores drivers and automatically schedules automatic updates. DriverNavigator also supports Win 10 systems like the others, but the biggest drawback we found was the price of $ 89.95 / year. DriverNavigator is much more expensive than the competition. It is currently available for $ 39.95 at . So, if you want to buy this one now is the time. However, if you believe that you will miss the sale, trust us. This is just a marketing gimmick – 39.95 USD the price for two years 🙂

Also DriverNavigator is quite right for many licenses, so that for 1 PC is $ 29.95 and the above price of $ 39.95 for 3 PCs , You also have a drop down list for 5, 10 and 50 PCs.

UpdateStar Driver $ 9-29.95 / year

This is one of the lesser-known programs for updating drivers, but it is worth mentioning. Why? First of all, you can download the program for free and search for missing or outdated drivers. If you want, you can buy the Driver Downloader for $ 29.95 (for 1 PC) and $ 59.95 (for 3 PCs). It works in many ways like the others on our list, and is compatible with Win 10 systems, although I think the user interface is a little clearer and easier to follow.

DriverMax – Free & Premium $ 10.39 / year

DriverMax is an excellent choice for updating drivers due to its free option. It does everything a driver downloader should do, but is completely free. You can scan and download new drivers and updates, and back up drivers to a compressed file (useful when reinstalling Windows). There are some amenities that are only available to Pro members, but the free version should be more than enough for anyone looking for a free alternative to other programs to safely update drivers. There is a catch on the free version, the software intercepts all outdated drivers, but you are only allowed to download 2 drivers in 24 hours … I know that is naughty, but if you wait 24 hours, you have the option to 2 download drivers are reopened. All paid fares are only for 1 PC. Pricing is $ 10.39 / year, $ 8.95 / month, $ 14.51 / 2 years, and a life expectancy of $ 29.80 is available from DriverMax.

These are just a few of the numerous driver downloaders available on the Internet. While ultimately the personal preference for these programs comes down to them, they all beat digging out drivers one at a time, leaving the standard device manager years behind them, right? But that's just our opinion …

If the manufacturer's upgrade software is preinstalled on your laptop and he also behaves like a device manager, you should know that buying a driver downloader is a good investment.

What did you think of our list? Which driver downloader would you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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