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Use and control 3D Touch on your iPhone

3D Touch on iPhone can be useful, but has some special features. Here's how to get the most from your Apple smartphone.

Ever wanted a way to quickly access options and commands for your apps? Some Apple iPhones have a feature called 3D Touch that triggers a small submenu that lets you execute specific commands.

Launched in 201

5 for the iPhone 6s, the technology was first released in 2014 with the Force Touch trackpad on the 2015 MacBook and uses 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro.

3D Touch uses a tactile engine to provide the feedback you need for your touch. All you have to do to trigger this feature is to press hard enough on a symbol or other element that works with 3D Touch, and then you will feel a slight vibration to confirm your action. The menu sounds simple but the operation and control of 3D Touch can be difficult. You need to find out how, where, and why you want to use it, and even then the feature does not always work as expected. Therefore, 3D Touch asks a number of questions: Which iPhones have it, which apps support it and how can you use it?

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