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Use Fnatic mode to enhance your OnePlus 7 Pro gaming experience. «OnePlus :: Gadget Hacks

Step 1
: Add Your Games to Game Mode

Game Mode is automatically activated for the games and apps you set in advance. By default, the list should be empty. That's why you need to add your favorite games here to take advantage of this feature. Go to the section at the bottom of your system settings to get started.

  Settings -> Utilities -> Game Mode 

In the game mode main screen, scroll down to the "Automatically turn on these apps" section and tap "Add games for game mode" to start the process. An attempt will be made to identify some of the games in the "Recommended" section that you may want to add. However, search the entire Other Applications list and enable all the apps you want to use for Game Mode.

If you are satisfied with your list of apps, tap the back arrow once to return to the main screen. You should now see all apps that you have reviewed in the list below. This means that the game mode is now activated and ready to use.

Step 2: Enabling Fnatic Mode for Your Favorite Games

After adding your favorite games to the Game Mode list, you must switch to Fnatic mode when you start a game. Many games start in full-screen mode, and the game mode notification pop-up may disappear very quickly. Do not worry, there is an Android system notification that keeps all changes required for both modes the same.

To enable Fnatic mode by default when a game starts, not the game mode, drag the notification menu. Just tap the notification itself during game play at the top of the screen to enter game mode. Once this menu appears, tap the "Fnatic Mode" button to activate it for this game from here on. Expand "Settings" and enable "Display Optimization" for an even more vibrant color profile.

Scroll down a bit and then go to "More Settings" to return to the main game mode screen as before. This is a good time to look at all the settings here and to optimize the settings for your specific gaming needs. You can customize the way notifications are displayed when playing games, turn off automatic brightness, and even enhance haptic feedback for supported games.

Step 3: Enjoy the Fnatic Mode

Now you can charge all your favorite games in the new Fnatic mode. Make sure you do the same thing every time you play it the first time you start it. Otherwise, the game mode will be used instead. Some games may have problems with Fnatic mode. So remember, when weird things happen. If so, just disable it for this game and switch back to game mode.

Cover photo and screenshots of Stephen Perkins / Gadget Hacks

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