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Use the Microsoft Your Phone app to quickly access Android photos


At the moment, Your Phone for Windows only works with Android and only offers access to photos

Screenshot by Rick Broida / CNET

Microsoft's new "My Phone" app for Windows 1

0 is now available, and while it does not do much, it does one thing well: It provides desktop access to your Android Photo Library. This means you can simply drag and drop images from the phone to the PC.

The app was initially limited to Windows 10 ($ 100 at Amazon.com) Insiders can now download it from the Microsoft Store. However, you will need the Windows Update April 2018, which should be installed automatically, unless you have disabled the automatic update feature of Windows.

You also need a specific Android app that you might not find: There is no phone for Android. Instead, you need to install the rather confusingly named Microsoft apps. Even more confusing, if you run it, you'll see a long list of other Microsoft applications that you can install. But your phone is not one of them because there is no app under that name.

Instead, all you need is the Microsoft Apps app. Then run your phone on your PC. You must provide different permissions to complete the connection. It is not clear if both devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. that was the way it was in my setup.

After a moment, your phone should appear along with a thumbnail collection of photos in the Your Phone app. From there you can simply drag and drop one or more on your PC.

However, I could not navigate to a specific folder. The app only showed a list of recent photos.

Needless to say, your phone is currently very limited. But Microsoft plans to add more features, including reading and replying to text messages through the desktop app. For the moment, however, it makes the photo call pretty easy.

Look at this:

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